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Tactical Boots to Wear Everywhere

Tactical FootwearLeave your foot fatigue at the door as soon as our ALTAI™ tactical boots surround each of your feet. You will feel astounding out-of-the-box comfort immediately, whether you have a pair of our Tactical Boots shipped to your location or you find one of our Mid-West retail locations. Our Tactical Footwear is made for rugged use, so show your ALTAI™ boots just what you are made of and go the extra mile; because you can with footwear that performs at this caliber. Read Full Post
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Tactical Footwear for Men & Women

Protective Tactical FootwearThe Tactical Footwear you wear has to be as tough as you, or you'll be the one wearing the scars to show for it. ALTAI™ has designed a line of Tactical Footwear for Men & Women that will outperform your expectations. Our tactical boots work well for those in Law Enforcement, the Military, anyone who finds themselves Outdoors, Hiking, within Wet Terrain, on Desert Sand, conquering Rocky Lands and any place in-between. Read Full Post
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Tactical Boots made for Men and Women

ALTAI Tactical BootsAre you looking for a tactical boot that fits securely to your feet, whether you are a man or a woman? Then our ALTAI™ Tactical Boots are your perfect footwear solution. Our boot design works seamlessly for anyone looking to increase foot comfort, protection, durability and keep the water out of your boot, where it belongs. Read Full Post
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Women's Tactical Boots

Woman's Tactical FootwearA woman’s tactical gear has the same demands as a man’s. Which is why our Boot Company has created a line of tactical boots perfect for the feet of both women and men. Our quality materials, comfortable last, non-slip soles and secure speed lacing has what everyone needs in a boot, no matter your gender. Read Full Post
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Black Tactical Boot

Black Tacticle bootAre you looking for tactical footwear in black that outperforms your expectations? If so, ALTAI™ has a line of high and low top tactical boots for both men and women that fit like a dream and protect like King Arthurs' armor. Our custom designed tactical boot selection is created for the adventure or government force to multi-task during the toughest of times and perform up to Excalibur's caliper with whatever landscape you take the boots to. Read Full Post
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Protective Boots

Protective Tactical FootwearProtection in a boot matters. No matter where you are headed, your feet will be touching the ground and our line of quality tactical boots can handle your stride and protect you from injury. You don't go hiking in flip-flops, if anything you'd throw those flops and go barefoot. But why do that when we have multiple styles of protective boots that can offer your feet comfort and protection the whole day through? Read Full Post
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Water Resistant Boots

Water Proof Tactical BootDo you love to canoe but hate lugging those old rubber boots around so your shoes, socks and pants don’t get wet? We have your solution, our waterproof tactical boots. Not only are they fully waterproof until you hit the top of the boot but they are substantially less weight than those rubber boots, even the average tactical boot. Read Full Post
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Superfabric Toe Tactical Boot

New All Black Tactical BootIf you are a member of the armed forces, a first responder, or part of the law enforcement community, you know how important high functioning gear can be. The last thing that you need to worry about when you are trying to do your job is your gear getting in the way or preventing you from being able to move freely. ALTAI™ footwear has designed a brand new boot that is specifically designed to meet the high demands of today’s law enforcement and military personnel. Read Full Post
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Tactical Footwear to take Anywhere

Travel Tactical FootwearThe last thing that should cross your mind when you’re ready to go is ‘what shoes should I wear?’. And when I say go, I mean GO! GO adventuring the rocky terrain in the mountain states, GO boarding the sand dunes of Colorado, GO hiking state trails or GO forge your own path. Whether it be through the freezing conditions and snow or the hot desert sun and sand – ALTAI™ Tactical Footwear will protect and comfort your feet with every step you choose to take. Read Full Post
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Boots for Men & Women

Boots for Men and WomenIt’s a common opinion that life is better in boots, we couldn’t agree more! The kind of boots we live for are the ‘work hard, play hard’ type - one that both men and women can enjoy. Our entire line of tactical boots come is sizes for both men and women. The original black boot, the hiking boot, military boot, all of our tactical boots are sized for both men and woman. Read Full Post
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