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Tactical Boots for Extreme Weather Conditions

Nov 13, 2016

Tactical FootwearThe thing about tactical gear is that you need it to perform to or above your expectations or it could compromise your situation. The tactical boots we have designed are perfect for the days when the sun shines and when the clouds are gray. If you are looking for quality tactical boots to withstand extreme weather conditions ALTAI™ will protect like no other. Our entire line of tactical boots is water resistant, slip resistant, flexible and ready to assist you in your journeys.

Hot Weather Boot

Feeling hot, hot, hot? Wear a boot that’s not, not, not! Our sleek and breathable tactical boots are designed to allow air molecules to freely move about. This prevents clammy, sweaty feet and socks. With ALTAI™ on your feet, you’ll never have to stop to let your dogs breathe again.

Cold Weather Boot

Many of us are dreading the mornings, soon to come, filled with snow shoveling… When you purchase a pair of our tactical boots at least you know your feet will stay cozy and warm all season long. Our VIBRAM soles also help prevent slips and falls. Ice can be tricky so prepare yourself for the winter that lies ahead.

Wet Weather Conditions

Water is life. We need it, as do the many other things we share this earth with. So it should only seem certain that you will run into water, creeks, lakes, etc. while outdoors. Each and every material we have selected to incorporate in our tactical boots is water resistant. That means it isn’t just a chemically sprayed on seal protecting your boots but the boots themselves being designed for water exposure.

Order from our Tactical Footwear Online & get Free Shipping

No matter what you throw at our quality line of tactical footwear, it will conquer. Find a boot for today and years away when you invest in footwear that doesn’t age. All of our weather resistant footwear is on sale! While supplies last! To make way for our new generation of quality tactical boots that have unique features all suggested to us by our current customers. And if for any reason you do not like your tactical boots, we will ship them back to our location and refund you all your money and you aren’t even down the shipping costs. We call that a win, win, win for any potential customers!



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