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Tactical Boots For Women

Woman Tactical BootsWhat do women really want from a pair of boots? Performance of course! Whoever said it’s a man’s world never took the time to see what a woman can do. Women finally have a Tactical Boot that Fits and can keep up with their demanding lifestyle. ALTAI™ Tactical Footwear is available in a wide range of sizes.They have the unique ability to conform to your feet for Lasting Comfort that begins with the first day you put them on. Read Full Post
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Tactical Hiking Footwear

Durable Hiking BootsIf someone tells you to “Take A Hike” are you offended or up for the challenge? If you answered the latter, we have the boots for you! ALTAI™ Tactical Hiking Boots are engineered to take you anywhere you want to go. The Comfortable, Durable, Waterproof Protection is perfect for those times when you want to go off the beaten trail and explore. This footwear is lightweight and breathable to keep your feet fresh all day. A Vibram® Outsole provides rugged traction and stability in the most extreme conditions... Read Full Post
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Lightweight Tactical Footwear

Lightweight Tactical FootwearWhen deciding on which tactical footwear to invest in for your profession, hobby, or leisure, having a lightweight feel should be one of your highest priorities. You do not want your feet to lag behind the rest of your body because of the heavy boots slowing you down... Read Full Post
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Durable Tactical Footwear

Water Resistant FootwearHaving the right tactical gear is essential when you are faced with a demanding situation. Your Tactical Footwear must provide rugged Traction and Durability without weighing you down. ALTAI™ has created a Multifunctional Tactical Boot that can stand up to the demanding work of Law Enforcement and Military personnel - yet is unbelievably Lightweight. They are constructed of the highest quality materials including the breathable and waterproof SuperFabric® boot upper. We didn’t stop there. The Vibram® outsole provides reliable grip and stability. Read Full Post
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