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About The ALTAI™ Brand & ALTAIGear Products

Leveraging our patented SuperFabric® brand materials the ALTAI™ brand has created a revolutionary tactical boot that is lightweight, durable and extremely comfortable. The ALTAI™ team has worked vigorously to identify the exact needs of its market and audience. We have collected our findings from nationwide trade shows to meeting with local law enforcement and have focused on listening to what matters most from our consumers and then bringing their desires to life. The ALTAI™ team, through our diligence, has discovered the compelling opportunities that exist within the market, where others have fallen short.

The ALTAI™ Mission

The ALTAI™ tactical boot was specially designed to meet the demands of today’s law enforcement professionals. We have combined research and technology with superior materials such as SuperFabric® along with intelligent design to create the world’s most comfortable, durable and lightweight tactical boot.


With a padded collar and gusset, EVA midsole for superior anti-fatigue and shock absorption, and no break-in period, our footwear is designed to give comfort that lasts for your long shifts.


With SuperFabric® Technology, Vibram® outsoles, an advanced mudguard, and metal eyelets, our boots are waterproof, abrasion and stain resistant, and strong.


Not only is SuperFabric® durable and waterproof, but it's also lightweight and flexible to ensure the most ease of movement.

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