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Boots for the Weekend Warriors

Sep 28, 2016

Tactical BootsNeed to tackle a job this weekend? Maybe it’s the only spare time you have to get the things that require a lot of time and effort to complete. That’s more than okay. Many of us are working 9-5, that doesn’t leave much time for personal feats or home improvements on the weekdays – so, of course, we are the Warriors of the Weekend! Do you have a shoe that will fit these tall weekend orders? If you didn’t before, you’ve got it covered now when you choose to put your weight on our Tactical Boots because they deliver. Even if you don’t have a regular work week, we all have a weekend warrior in us, therefore everyone can put to use a good pair of boots. Regardless of your profession, we all need to get things done in our spare time and ALTAI™ can help you every step of the way.

Boots for Warriors & Weekend Warriors

Planning to work on the front yard to give your home a boost of curb appeal? Or maybe you are packed for a hike through a chain of waterfalls that you know you can complete before the work week starts again? Whatever type of accomplishments that make your weekends stand out our Tactical Boots would work great for.  Making it through the work week can be torture, make sure you’re enjoying your personal time and it’s not becoming torturous too by keeping comfortable and protected when you’re not off your feet.

Our Boots are Designed for Men & Woman

Our quality last offers an exceptional fit, for both men and woman’s feet. If you think about it, it is not the gender that determines the what shoe is suitable for wear, it is the size. Our boots offer both support and protection for feet – attached to woman & men alike. We have a large range of sizes to choose from and right now all but one of our selections of Tactical Boots are on Sale.

Our Many Boot Styles Include

  • Black Tactical Boots
  • Brown Tactical Boots
  • Tan Tactical Boots
  • Leather Toe Tactical Boot

So, Weekend Warriors, add more to what you do with your spare time with the help from ALTAI™. Our boot are perfect for Military, Law Enforcement, Survivalists and perfect for those Weekend Warriors too. Try them on at our Local Midwest ALTAI™ Retailers, our Boot Shop in Oakdale, MN or order online – we offer free shipping within the entire US.






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