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Jan 10, 2017

ALTAI™ TRAINING BOOTS: Getting the most of your gear for better performance!

Training Tactical BootThere have been many improvements in training boot production in recent years, advancing the options of training boots in a more complex way. The bottom line still sticks to the type of boots you need and for what reason you intend to use them. If you decide to go for a pair of boots only because of the hype or the appearance, you may find yourself with an ineffective pair of boots that leave you nursing a wound to your feet. To avoid such a scenario, we are going to look at a few tips on how to select the right pair of training boots.

Tips on Selecting Training Boots

Understand your Foot

It is important to understand your feet because we all have different types of feet. If you understand the weakness of your feet, it is easy to select the right boots. In case you do not understand your foot better, there is a simple way called a wet test. In this test, you will be able to understand where your feet arch and where your feet lean towards. After taking the test, always ensure that you measure your feet on a regular basis. Sometimes our feet grow, these tests help to identify the size that goes with the brand of boots. One major tip on your boots size is that you should always ensure to make a purchase at the end of the day when your foot is on a normal size since the body temperature is cool, and your foot will be at its normal size.

Multitasking of boots

Do not mix and match the purpose of your boots, if you desire to train, get training boots because they are more flexible than the tough counterparts called the walking boots. The training boots are developed to withstand greater impact while walking boots have not been built that way. In case you interchange these boots, the difference will be felt immediately, therefore, get boots for both cases, and avoid mixing.

Know when to get a new pair of Boots

When you need to perform in extreme conditions or ‘Tough Mudder’ style training routines, you will find that your usage is more than someone who is walking. On average, learn to replace your boots after 400 miles. You can also change them by monitoring how the back sole of your boots wears out. Shopping knocks on the door when this happens.

Purchase Training Boots Online & at our MidWest Retailers

Always ensure that you purchase high-quality training boots. It is a great experience using the right type of boots for the right type of activity. It is never too late to change your current pair of boots, follow the tips above and you will have more to reap out of your routine. every. single. day.

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