ALTAI® Tactical Performance Boots

ALTAI® Tactical Performance Boots set a new standard for rugged outdoor footwear for men and women. These multipurpose boots’ have a multitude of applications that have law enforcement personnel, survival experts, industrial workers, and avid runners raving over their durability, athletic fit, superior waterproof/breathability, traction, and comfort—all while being surprisingly lightweight. These boots also include speed lacing for a quick and secure fit. ALTAI® is your solution for a variety of circumstances; whether you are on duty, in combat, patrolling an area or just an outdoor enthusiast, you will benefit from choosing to wear these exceptional multi-functional boots.

Made With Top-Performing Materials

The materials that create these high-performance boots are a mix of polishable leather or SuperFabric® on the toe, a Vibram® outsole with wide lugs for stability, and an EVA midsole for extra cushion and comfort. The upper portion is equipped with abrasion- and stain-resistant SuperFabric® material. You can rely on this outdoor tactical footwear in any terrain against any weather extremes. Your feet will stay perfectly dry and extremely comfortable.

The Best Tactical Performance Boot Choice

If you are searching for a durable yet comfortable tactical boot built like a brick house without the weight, you have come to the right place. We are serious about the structure and durability of our ALTAI® boots. We understand that tactical gear is crucial and that it can make or break an operation—bad performance can even compromise lives. Not many other boots, if any, can offer the features that ALTAI® boots can. These military-grade boots have been approved by the NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association).

What Makes ALTAI® Boots Superior to the Rest?

Extremely Durable Materials

Made from the toughest construction components including a SuperFabric® upper, custom Vibram® outsole, metal eyelets, and speed laces, all crafted with attention to detail. The materials are combined to create a boot that will outlast extreme weather, terrain, and the test of time.

Amazingly Lightweight

A boot this durable couldn’t be this light…until now! Two opposing forces have been combined for lasting performance with increased mobility. Those who wear it can’t believe it can be so light and still deliver top-notch performance.

Waterproof & Breathable

By utilizing and combining proprietary technology and fabric, a truly supreme material, known as SuperFabric®, was created. ALTAI® boots feature a SuperFabric® upper combined with a waterproof liner and full gusset to keep water out. All of these components were chosen for their ability to breathe, creating tactical footwear that is comfortable and dry outside, as well as inside.

Weather Resistant

ALTAI® tactical performance boots have been praised for their ability to perform in all kinds of weather conditions, from damp, rainy, and cold to humid, hot, and dry weather. The performance of the boots you choose is directly related to the physical performance you yield. Don’t get caught being outperformed because your boots have left you unprotected. ALTAI® multipurpose boots will endure the elements, so you don’t have to.




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