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If you wear a uniform for work, odds are you are probably on your feet for hours at a time. That’s why you need quality law enforcement boots when you are on the job. ALTAI® uniform boots are the answer to sore, aching feet. Our breathable SuperFabric® that we use for all our lightweight duty boots helps you stay comfortable during the most grueling shifts. In addition, our uniform boots are waterproof, stain-resistant, and durable, so they can handle the roughest of conditions. When you select our black leather uniform boots, you can maintain professionalism and polish and still feel great. Consider a pair of ALTAI® MFT100-S black leather uniform boots, or check out our other durable uniform boots on our website.

Buying shoes online can be stressful. We can take the guess-work out of sizing so you can be confident that you have the right shoes the first time.

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Durable and Lightweight

From the daily grind to the deep woods, SuperFabric® material provides remarkably strong abrasion/scuff resistance while maintaining a seemingly impossible light weight in ALTAI® footwear.

Water Resistant

SuperFabric® material is uniquely water resistant and breathable. Water molecules are too large to penetrate the fabric and bead up on the surface, yet air molecules are small enough to escape and provide comfortable ventilation.

Stain Resistant

Regardless of color, SuperFabric® material is stain-resistant and remarkably easy to clean. ALTAI® footwear cleans up with a run of the hose and is quick to dry.

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