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Tips for How To Waterproof Your Boots

Apr 23, 2021

Whether you’re faced with puddles, flooding, or the danger of frostbite, boots with water-resistant properties will contribute largely to the safety and health of your feet. In hiking, extensive walking, high precipitation, and low-temperature conditions, wet feet are susceptible to blistering and freezing. Dry, warm feet can quickly become a necessity—especially when tasked with an important job or while out in the wilderness—as they ensure your ability to walk comfortably. Purchasing waterproof boots is a viable and valuable option, but if you would like to keep your feet dry in other footwear, consider some tips for how to waterproof your boots.

Homemade Waterproofing

There are several ways to waterproof your boots. If you are interested in taking a natural route of creating a waterproof barrier between your boots and the elements, you’ll need to acquire a few things, including petroleum jelly and beeswax. By melting down eight ounces of petroleum jelly and two ounces of beeswax, you can create a mixture that will produce a waterproof barrier.

Consider adding a tablespoon of citrus-scented essential oil to ward off insects. After letting the mixture cool slightly into a cream-like consistency, use a scrub brush to coat your boots, paying special attention to the seams. Finish by using a larger brush to further work in your concoction and let the boots sit for twenty-four hours to saturate the leather. Finally, wipe away the excess mixture. Add additional coats as needed.

Product Waterproofing

There are several products on the market that help with waterproofing boots. Some are intended for this task, while others possess this property because they are intended for multiple purposes. Evaluate what you need from a specific product and look at the specifications listed.

There are water-displacing sprays, stain and water repellents, fabric shields, and universal protectors. The product you choose will depend partly on the material of your boots and partly on how wet you think they will get. Some waterproofing products will wick away light moisture, while others will offer more protection. The instructions for each should be listed on the product label.

Waterproof Boots

Though there are several viable options to help keep your feet dry through a given adventure, there is a difference between being water-resistant and being truly waterproof. When braving the elements, there are many independent variables, so having boots that will support every step you take is essential.

Consider Altai’s waterproof outdoor boots. These boots offer the comfort of a tennis shoe and the durability to last through a long outdoor trek. They are lightweight, provide support for your ankle and lower leg, and have a side zipper for quick removal. Having a product that provides the waterproof qualities you need without the guesswork will leave your time open for other things.

With these tips for how to waterproof your boots and options to cut out the middleman, you have some decisions to make. We understand the importance of reliable footwear during the most exerting activities and want to help you worry less and enjoy more. The benefits of keeping your feet dry go beyond comfort and, in many cases, determine your level of safety.

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