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Tips for Choosing the Best Slip-Resistant Boots

Apr 27, 2021

From armed forces to hiking enthusiasts, everyone needs reliable footwear that will allow them to look ahead and not down. Being able to acquire a reliable boot that offers the proper support and protection from the elements without fail is essential. In the event of a dire situation, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether your chosen footwear is going to pull through in the way you need it to. When deciding on bootwear that will stand up to whatever is thrown at it, consider some tips for choosing the best slip-resistant boots.

The Fit

Many people think they know their shoe or boot size, but in truth, slight variations on a smaller scale can cause little significant harm and damage to your feet. If you’re walking around as a pedestrian, you may not notice a bit of a slip when you walk, or that your toes feel a little crowded; however, when choosing a boot, it’s essential that you get your size right. Your specific boot fit determines many factors that you should contemplate before you embark upon any strenuous or important activities.


Part of maintaining an upright position on slippery surfaces is ensuring your boot fits comfortably around your ankle and goes up high enough. Though shorter boots may seem stylish, they offer little support when your foot goes one way, and your ankle the other. Support is a huge part of obtaining the right boot. Stabilizing your foot, ankle, and lower leg lessens the risk of sprains, rolled ankles, and other injuries that could hinder your mobility in a potentially unsafe situation.


In seeking quality boots, you’ll need to consider the laces. Proper and sturdy laces help you secure the support of the boot around the foot, ankle, and lower leg. Lace strength avoids you having to worry about snapping, fraying, or loosening at a time when you need your boots to remain tight without having to readjust. If you must stop and continuously retie or retighten your lacing, then your boots are not doing their job; a loose boot increases the chance that a misstep or slip will occur.


Both the build of the boot and the laces work to offer the proper snugness to keep your boot in place, while allowing for comfort and circulation to flow. Altai knows how important it is to maintain snugness, while also being able to remove the boot swiftly and easily without having to go through the trouble of resecuring it—that’s why we implemented a side zipper option on our waterproof combat boots for quick on and off capabilities.

Inside Slips

When considering potential slipping while wearing boots, you’ll also want to account for slippage that occurs inside the boot. There are a few different factors that could cause instability within the boot, such as your boots are too big. Understanding the ways of avoiding this is essential for ensuring your comfort and safety.

Sock Choice

Any decisions on socks will partly be based on the activity you’re partaking in. If you’re going to be in cooler climates, think about maintaining foot warmth. Different types of socks such as polyester offer insulation, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying capabilities. It is recommended to wear wool socks while hiking. Assess your situation and explore your options and needs.


Your sock choice is important because you want your feet to stay dry while in your boots. Moisture causes movement and blisters, but it can also cause foot infections caused by prolonged exposure to moisture and heat. Ensuring your boots are waterproof means you don’t have to worry about outside water getting into your boot. Keeping both inside and outside dry will keep your feet healthy.


Though you want to deter moisture from infiltrating your footwear, you still need it to be breathable. Materials that offer both properties are going to maintain comfort. Finding footwear made with breathable boot materials is a must for any hiking or work boots.


There’s no point in investing in boots that resist water if they can be easily punctured. Opting for boots that are abrasion-resistant offers an added level of protection against water or anything else getting to your foot.


Above all else, you want your boots to provide safety for not only your feet, but also for your entire being. Slipping on a surface will cause harm to other areas of your body, and if you’re somewhere that you cannot receive immediate medical attention such as on a mission, you may be in trouble. Everything mentioned thus far is intended to contribute to your safety by promoting a proper boot choice.


Whether you’re climbing on an uneven surface or traveling over a slick area, boots with traction are essential. Traction helps your feet grip and lends support, security, and stability. Boots with high traction are recommended to get you through tough and unpredictable areas.


There are a variety of activities and jobs that require a good boot to accomplish tasks in the safest and most efficient ways possible. Thus, it’s good planning to invest in a boot that can serve many purposes and lend support for an array of demands. Be sure that the boot you choose can assist you in whichever situation you need, regardless of the circumstances.


Selecting a boot that offers safety, durability, and that allows you to worry less about slips and falls helps protect you from more than just the immediate environment. Part of worrying less allows you to stay more alert to the world around you. It’s crucial to maintain awareness of your surroundings, no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re hiking, climbing, or working—alertness is of the essence.


Another ideal characteristic for boots is being made of lightweight materials. Exerting your body during strenuous activity can make your legs feel heavy. Carrying equipment, supplies, or even water can weigh on the body over time. Clunky boots increase risks because they make it more difficult to move your feet in the ways you want or need to. Using waterproof boots means that they won’t become heavier due to saturation, which is important.

Following these tips for choosing the best slip-resistant boots will help you to accomplish whatever you set out to do. Your feet have a lot of responsibility to get you around safely; thus, taking care of them and being able to rely heavily on the footwear you choose matters. It’s ideal to get a pair of boots that can allow you to travel across a variety of terrains and climates without affecting your ability to focus on the world around you. For any additional questions regarding your specific needs for a pair of boots, consult our experts at Altai.

Tips for Choosing the Best Slip-Resistant Boots

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