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Reasons Your Shoes Are Actually Hurting You

May 13, 2021

There are many reasons you might experience pain and irritation from your chosen footwear. Identifying the catalyst for your issues will allow you to make the necessary adjustments and get the most out of your shoes so that you can be as active as you want without worrying about discomfort. Explore the reasons your shoes are actually hurting you to help you make smart decisions about your footgear.

Foot Measurements

When we enter adulthood, we resign ourselves to the fact that we are done growing. Though that may be true for our height, other parts of our bodies continue to grow and change over time. With age, feet can widen or stretch with weight changes, loosening ligaments, pregnancy, and even gravity. Moreover, several foot conditions can cause the need for a larger shoe size, such as bunions, hammertoes, or swelling joints.

Arch Support

Feet are generally high-arched or low-arched, and whichever type you have could mean considerably different needs from a pair of shoes. Those with high arches need a shoe that can support them. Others have arches so low that some might refer to them as flat-footed. Everything starts at your feet. Unsupported arches will affect your knees, legs, and back.

Your Activity

We know that there are different types of shoes for different types of activities; however, we sometimes use the wrong shoe for the wrong adventure. There are running shoes, tennis shoes, rock climbing shoes, tactical hiking boots, and many more specified styles to meet an activity’s needs.

Selecting Process

The process of selecting a particular shoe to perform certain tasks, such as running, climbing, hiking, or walking, is crucial. Many people make shoe purchases based on appearance alone. They think a pair looks cool or eye-catching, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the shoe is a good “fit.” Pay attention to a shoe’s labeling in the store or online—though it may seem like a way of getting you to purchase several types of shoes, there’s something to this type of branding. Match the footwear to the activities.

Breaking In

Shoes and boots made of leather or multiple materials may stretch over time, so you’ll need to break them in before their true fit and feel take form. As you wear your footwear to break it in, make sure you do so slowly. Don’t enroll in a whole day of activities as a means of accomplishing this. Wear them for a little bit at a time to allow them to loosen naturally without killing your feet.

Barefoot Time

If you love to spend as much time as possible barefoot, your feet may experience more pain over time. Especially when you walk on flat, hard surfaces frequently, you may find that your feet are under more stress. Padding and shaping in shoes not only help support, but they also provide cushioning to distribute your weight more evenly. Whether you feel the pain or not when you are barefoot, pain inside your shoes could result from that.

There are many reasons your shoes are actually hurting you. Altai works to ensure that our boots provide support and comfort that allows you to wear them for extended lengths of time. Think about the most comfortable footwear you own and evaluate its characteristics to determine what your feet need.

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