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Work Boots: When To Resole or Buy New

Apr 26, 2021

Think of work boots like a baseball glove. Though it’s exciting to get them new, there’s nothing like it when they’re perfectly broken in. It seems as though just when you get things how you like them, you encounter an issue. Quality boots are made to withstand a lot. If you maintain them and address minor issues promptly, you should be able to get more life out of them. Understanding what’s fixable on work boots and when to resole or buy new is essential for an owner.

The Work Environment

Your work environment will greatly determine the lifespan of your work boots. Typically, a pair of work boots will last between 6 and 12 months depending on the amount of usage and wear they see. At Altai, we pride ourselves on supplying high-quality, lightweight duty boots that can be put to the test. Our efforts are to ensure that you have support in the toughest conditions with comfort, support, and durability—regardless of the activity.

The Upper Part

Boots that just need a new sole are much easier and worth the effort to repair. A good body is worth saving. A quality pair of boots can be an asset; however, pay attention to the wear on the upper part of each boot. If it dries out and begins to crack, then it’s not worth trying to repair. To prolong this from happening, store your boots in at least 40 percent humidity, apply a boot oil or conditioner periodically, and try to keep leather on the moist side when possible.

When It’s Time

If the upper parts of your boots are intact, then the sole is absolutely worth replacing on the boots you value and have gotten good use out of. To determine when it’s time to replace the sole, there will most likely be some visual signs, such as fraying, wear, or the sole beginning to separate from the boot. Additionally, if you notice moisture or water is getting through the sole when it didn’t in the past, it’s time to resole.

When it comes to work boots and when to resole or buy new, the answer is in the location of the damage. For the upper part, it’s time to move on, but you can resole your boots multiple times. Altai goes above and beyond to reinforce the soles of our boots, so you can worry less about replacement and more about the next mountain you’re going to climb with them.

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