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ALTAI™ Retailer Spotlight: Friends from the Northwest Shoe Traveler's Show

Earlier this year we attended a very special event: the Northwest Shoe Traveler's Show, right here in our own backyard of St. Paul, Minnesota. This was an intimate event for independent footwear retailers, all seeking the latest and greatest in footwear products.    Previously, we've introduced Abelman Clothing & Footwear, based in Bessemer, Michigan, in […]
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ALTAI™ Wraps Up 2018

What a year 2018 turned out to be! Here’s a recap of a few exciting events that facilitated into a year of amazing growth for the entire ALTAI™ family. SHOT Show 2018 – The largest firearms/hunting expo in the country and we had the chance to share our boots with this large audience in Las […]
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ALTAI™ Hero Spotlight Update: Tyler The Donut Boy's Reverse Birthday Party

    Last week, our pint-sized hero, Tyler Carach, aka The Donut Boy, celebrated his birthday in a unique, heart-warming way: a reverse birthday. What does a reverse birthday celebration look like? Well, instead of Tyler celebrating his own birthday, his birthday festivities revolved around thanking police officers! Tyler’s Reverse Birthday Celebration was hosted by Pensacola […]
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ALTAI™ Pro Tip: Choosing The Right Socks For Winter Adventures

  For some of us, winter is upon us. But like many of you, it won’t stop the adventures from happening! With that in mind, the kind of socks you choose can make or break an excursion; sweat, blisters, or cold temperatures can cause serious issues for long, on-foot explorations. While we covered the materials […]
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ALTAI™ Pro Tip: How To Get The Most From Your Hiking Boots

Comfort is something that is unique to each individual, especially when it comes to our footwear. So even when you find the perfect boot for hiking, here are some things to consider for total comfort that fits your specific needs. Socks For Hiking Boots Whether you will be trekking through the desert or crossing mountain […]
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Spring into 3 New ALTAI™ Retail Locations

Spring into new ALTAI™ retail locations! Looking for that perfect pair of warm-weather exploration boots? Now you have three new locations where you can try the most comfortable, light weight, durable boots on the market! And KNOW that your feet will stay dry and cool because of proprietary waterproof/breathable SuperFabric® material! Step into these retail […]
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ALTAI™ Spotlight: David 'REAPER' Justin, Paintball Ambassador

After covering all this paintball action these past couple of weeks, we wanted to take time to put the spotlight on the individuals who have helped introduce us to this heart-thumping sport. David 'REAPER' Justin, born and raised in Southern California, was always involved with outdoor activities and his paintballing career started back in 2008. Within […]
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ALTAI™ with Dead Squad Paintball at Clowns vs Zombies 7: Boots. Boots. Boots

In this video coverage of Dead Squad Paintball at Clowns vs Zombies 7, the boots are the stars. Hours are spent in the mud, woods, and dirt during these paintball scenario events and we know the folks of Dead Squad wouldn't hold back. See for yourself how our footwear held up in the battle and […]
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ALTAI™ with Dead Squad Paintball at Clowns vs Zombies 7: The Final Battle

Witness the final showdown between Clowns vs Zombies 7, spotlighting Dead Squad Paintball team. Here's where #BornToOutperform comes to life! Plus: stay tuned on our blog for more details on how our boots performed for these athletes during their paintball wars.
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ALTAI™ with Dead Squad Paintball at Clowns vs Zombies 7: Shoot, Run, Splat!

We're continuing our series on coverage of Clowns vs Zombies 7 event last fall with Dead Squad Paintball team. Get a first-hand look from the field and experience all marksmanship, tactical maneuvers, and, of course, mud, mud, mud! Watch our boots outperform and deliver the lightweight, waterproof protection anyone in these conditions crave.
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