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The Dos and Don’ts of Breaking in Your Work Boots

Work boots are the foundation you rely on to complete your job safely and successfully each day. Depending on your work conditions, they should give you ankle support, strong traction, and protection from things such as falling objects, water, and extreme temperatures. As a result, they are built tough and include features that regular footwear […]
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ALTAI® News: Traveler™ Shoes Have Arrived

We're proud to announce the ALTAI® Traveler Shoes have arrived in the United States! We received a limited run so hurry... these new kicks move fast! Check to see if your size is still in stock. Using the same space-age, super lightweight material as our tactical boots, you can expect top-notch performance for any casual […]
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Best Camping In All 50 States: Discover Your Local Outdoors

Denali National Park, Alaska We live in a big country and with the need to get out and stretch those legs, now is a great time to discover what outdoor treasures are right in your back yard. Top Notch Outdoor has provided a comprehensive list of favorite camping grounds in all 50 states. Maybe plan […]
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ALTAI™: How To Survive a Bear Encounter in the Wilderness

Brought to you by our fabulous outdoor expert and writer, Katlyn Spade. In North America, two to five people die from bear attacks per year, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As more people continue to invade bear habitats to explore or even hunt, reported bear encounters are on […]
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UPDATE: ALTAI™ National Boot Giveaway Contest

National Boot Giveaway Contest Update: As we mentioned last week, we have noticed we are still a ways out from the original goal of 5,000 votes, and so here we have a very exciting update for the National Boot Giveaway: Instead of 5,000 votes, a Team now only needs to reach 1,000 votes to have […]
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ALTAI™ Key Features: A Custom Last for Comfort that Lasts

Ever buy a pair of boots online, only to discover that you will have to wear them in? Disappointed, you know this means weeks of blisters and uncomfortable steps throughout the day. With this common issue in mind, we developed, what is known as a 'last,' for instant comfort, right out of the box. Many […]
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ALTAI™ National Boot Giveaway

Our National Boot Giveaway is underway so if you haven't voted yet, hurry while there's still time! Vote for your favorite local police department listed here, for a chance to outfit that entire department with pairs of our tactical boots. The first team to reach 5k votes wins; one vote per day allowed, so share […]
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ALTAI™ Retailer Spotlight: Bawek's Shoe Store, Arcadia Wisconsin

Today we put the ALTAI™ Retailer Spotlight on a unique treasure located in Western Wisconsin: Bawek's Shoe Store of Arcadia Wisconsin. A place where 'customer service' includes personal care and unique attention to detail that's hard to find these days. If you live around the Arcadia, Western Wisconsin area, stop by for a try of […]
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ALTAI™ Pro Tip: How To Sleep Like A Log When You Are Camping

Today, our fabulous guest blogger, Katlyn Spade, offers some free advice on how to get a good night’s rest in the wilderness. Camping is an inexpensive way of seeing this amazing country and can also make for a great vacation. However, when you are out in the great outdoors, you may struggle to nod off […]
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ALTAI™ Goes to Africa: A Journey with Katie Wolf, Sporting Classics Daily Magazine

Today we highlight a very special journey with Katie Wolf, hunter and adventurer with Sporting Classics Daily Magazine. Since we believe in the power of real world feedback on our boots, we will let Katie tell her experiences in her own words. "When I learned I was heading to Africa, I struggled trying to figure […]
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