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ALTAI™ Goes to Africa: A Journey with Katie Wolf, Sporting Classics Daily Magazine

Jun 11, 2019

Today we highlight a very special journey with Katie Wolf, hunter and adventurer with Sporting Classics Daily Magazine. Since we believe in the power of real world feedback on our boots, we will let Katie tell her experiences in her own words.

“When I learned I was heading to Africa, I struggled trying to figure out what to wear to protect me from the blazing sun while keeping me cool in the extreme heat. But it wasn’t just the sun I had to worry about. Everything in Africa has either thorns, horns, or fangs.

…my Altai boots kept me standing tall.

Luckily, I came across a company that creates boots that are light on the feet but can stand up to what the outdoors may throw at you, Altai boots. I would quickly learn how unforgiving the land really is. Finding a patch of grass that wasn’t thick, sharp, and course was unlikely. At least once a day we would set out on a stalk up a steep hill covered in loose rocks that slipped out from under us, however, my Altai boots kept me standing tall.

These boots served both form and function getting me within range of the animals and looking good in the photos. At night, when I went back to camp, it took only a few seconds under the hose to clean off my boots preparing them for the next days adventures. Africa’s lands may not be forgiving, but Altai boots are.”

More details about Katie’s African adventures can be found on her Instagram page. [All photos credit: @katiewolfoutdoors Instagram]


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