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ALTAI™ Pro Tip: How To Get The Most From Your Hiking Boots

Jun 28, 2018

Comfort is something that is unique to each individual, especially when it comes to our footwear. So even when you find the perfect boot for hiking, here are some things to consider for total comfort that fits your specific needs.

Socks For Hiking Boots

Whether you will be trekking through the desert or crossing mountain streams will determine the kinds of socks you may opt for. Thin, wicking material would be ideal for hot, arid conditions and you will want to factor in either shoe size or how snug you may want to lace up. For cold, wet conditions, wool and similar heat-holding materials may be a temperature solution, but you will definitely have to consider shoe size in this scenario. Thicker socks will take up more room in your boots, so plan your boot size accordingly, especially when getting a new pair.

How To Break In Hiking Boots

They key to breaking in hiking boots is gradual use. Start by wearing the intended socks, insoles, or any other inserts with your new hiking boots around the house. Make adjustments to the lacing, for example, while you walk around. Then step up to a quick walk around the block or a short errand with your new boots. This gives you another opportunity to adjust while faced with ordinary elements in the outside world. Gradually increase the time spent in your new boots during the day; take them for a day at the office, then maybe graduate to a longer walk. All the while, adjust and pay attention to small details that could become large issues when on longer distance hikes. While we develop our boots for a no-break-in period, everyone is unique and there are ways to customize the exact, comfort fit, just for you.

Most important: enjoy the adventure! Happy Trails!

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