Earlier this year we attended a very special event: the Northwest Shoe Traveler’s Show, right here in our own backyard of St. Paul, Minnesota. This was an intimate event for independent footwear retailers, all seeking the latest and greatest in footwear products.


Previously, we’ve introduced Abelman Clothing & Footwear, based in Bessemer, Michigan, in an earlier blog entry. But we also met some other outstanding retailers at the event and if you live in their neck of the woods, stop by for an ALTAI™ boot fitting in person. If you love local businesses and love supporting them, then you will love ALTAI™ retailers; nothing beats real world, face to face, customer service!

Trail Lane Sales
S7005 Trail Lane
Loganville, Wisconsin 53943
(608) 727-2103


Bawek’s Shoe Store
119 W Main St
Arcadia, WI 54612
(608) 323-7236


Polly Shoe Store
118 North Broadway Avenue
Miller, South Dakota 57362
(605) 853-3566




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