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Reasons To Wear Hiking Boots Instead of Sneakers

Dec 30, 2020

When it comes to hiking gear, everyone has preferences. One thing almost all hikers have in common is the belief that hiking boots are superior to sneakers. Sneakers are comfortable; everyone has a pair. Even though sneakers are common for fitness purposes, hiking boots are the better option for hiking. See our guide if you have any doubts: there are many reasons to wear hiking boots instead of sneakers.


Support is one of the many reasons to wear hiking boots instead of sneakers. Although sneakers are advertised as comfortable, wearing sneaks for an extended period can become uncomfortable. This is because sneakers are not designed for long-time wear. Hiking boots are designed to support the foot and ankle all day. Hiking boots provide added ankle support, which isn’t an option with sneakers. Hiking on the uneven ground causes damage to the ankles, so wearing hiking boots provides support that isn’t possible with sneakers. Hiking boots are made to fit just as comfortably as sneakers, but with added support.


Hiking boots are the preferred option for hiking footwear because of their versatility. Sneakers might work for a short hike in the summer, but hiking boots work in any weather. Imagine hiking in the snow wearing sneakers. That’s a big mistake; you could get frostbite or slip on ice. Hiking boots have many features that keep you safe and functional all year long, including being waterproof and breathable, making for an all-around better choice when it comes to hiking footwear.


Think about how often you buy sneakers. Hiking boots are made to last, unlike sneakers that fall apart after a few months use. Hiking boots are durable because they’re made to keep you safe while braving the elements. Whether hiking on a trail or a rocky terrain, hiking boots are deigned to keep you safe. Buying new sneakers means wearing them a few times, regardless of the discomfort, to break them in. If you opt for hiking boots, though, this is no longer necessary. One pair of hiking boots will last much longer than a pair of sneakers, which means no breaking in uncomfortable shoes.

Altai’s ® waterproof insulated hiking boots are perfect for any hiking trip. Altai® boots are made with Super Fabric® material which is durable, lightweight, water resistant, and stain resistant. Our innovative boots are so comfortable you’ll wonder why you didn’t own them sooner. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have along the way.

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