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Tips for Choosing the Best Slip-Resistant Boots

There are a variety of jobs and activities that could be dangerous without slip-resistant protection from your footwear. Continue reading to know how to pick.
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Combat Boots for Military Personnel

Combat Boots for Military PersonnelFor military personnel, knowing that you’re working with reliable equipment is a number one priority; that includes your military apparel from your head to your feet. At ALTAI™ Gear, we feel that one of the most important pieces of military tactical gear you can have is a pair of ALTAI™ combat boots. These tactical boots are like no other, offering amazing comfort and dependability. If you’re looking for a durable combat boot that will carry you through any situation in any terrain, look no further than ALTAI™ Gear in Oakdale, Minnesota. This tactical footwear is perfect for local or overseas military and law enforcement personnel, meeting all of your needs on a day-to-day basis.
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Best Tactical Boot Choice for Work and Outdoors

Best Tactical Boot Choice - Lightweight WaterproofALTAI™ boots are your best choice for a rugged and durable pair of tactical boots. The ALTAI™ tactical boot comes from a respected brand of tactical, hiking, and work/uniform boots that are sold nationally. These boots use the patented SuperFabric® upper, which is an amazing light and durable fabric that is composed of tiny armor plates that prove to be durable, stain-resistant, and quick to dry. The SuperFabric® upper is wedded to the classic and almost indestructible VIBRAM® sole. And when combined, the boot you place on your foot is breathable, protective, comfortable, and (arguably most important) perfectly suited to your task at hand.
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Tactical Boot Technology

Waterproof Tactical Boot TechnologyHave you been looking for that perfect boot that blends functionality, comfort, protection and durability? A pair of boots that you can rely on and grab for an extended hike in tough terrain or a just full day in your active job? Wherever life takes you, ALTAI™ Tactical Boots are ready to be your partner. Our boots have become a staple for those in the military, in law enforcement, industrial workers, survival experts and even runners who may prefer a rugged trail. Each pair of ALTAI™ tactical boots...
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Tactical Boots for the Outdoors

Whether you are outside for business or for pleasure, the right equipment is a must for any outdoorsman. ALTAI™ boots are the perfect fit for anyone spending a considerable amount of time outside. This is because our boots are specifically designed to bring comfort and quality to an otherwise undesirable and definitely not comfortable market of boots. Read Full Post
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6" & 8" Tan Military Tactical Boots

tan tactical bootAre you looking for a tan tactical boot to wear? Whether you are in the military, find yourself spending most of your time outdoors, on the job or if you just need a tan boot for projects that come up here and there. Our Tan Combat Boots has so many amazing features, it is hard to know where to begin but because we are a major sale as of right now, we will start with how affordable our quality tactical boots are. Read Full Post
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Tan Military Boot

Tan BootNeed a Tan Military Boot to keep up with your stride? You have arrived at the perfect resource for just that. ALTAI™ has a wide range of tactical boots, from Black to Brown and our ever popular Tan Military Boot. Great in and out of uniform and for just about any occasion where you will be on your feet. You don't have to sacrifice comfort, protection, durability or appearance when it comes to our Tactical Footwear. Get everything and more when you choose to invest in a pair of quality boots for your feet and the many journeys ahead of you. Read Full Post
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Military Grade Boots

military-tactical-bootsAre you looking for a boot tough as nails? The ALTAI™ Military Boots are equipped with armored protection. Don’t know what gets tougher than that… If you are in the Military and are searching for a new pair of boots, consider the Military Line of Boots for Men & Women ALTAI™ has developed. Read Full Post
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ALTAI™ Showroom in Woodbury

Tactical Footwear Woodbury MNALTAI™ boots are perfect for so many functions -- they are ideal for those in law enforcement and military personnel, and also work well for hikers, runners or campers. Anyone who needs a comfortable, durable and waterproof shoe that protects your feet, should consider adding a pair of ALTAI™ tactical boots to your shoe collection. Read Full Post
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Hunting Boot

Hunting FootwearIt’s that moment when your alarm goes off at 4am and instead of hitting the snooze button a few more times you jump up, put on your camouflage, grab your ALTAI™ boots, and head on out the door. That’s right! When hunting season hits, so does our excitement for being in the outdoors! One of the best ways to improve your game and keep you comfortable all throughout hunting season is to purchase protective footwear for hunting. Read Full Post
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