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Jun 09, 2016

military-tactical-bootsAre you looking for a boot tough as nails? The ALTAI™ Military Boots are equipped with armored protection. Don’t know what gets tougher than that… If you are in the Military and are searching for a new pair of boots, consider the Military Line of Boots for Men & Women ALTAI™ has developed. Are you Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Special Forces or a Marine? If so, our Military Grade Boots have been specifically designed to protect you while you protect our freedom.

Boots that Protect your Feet

A high demanding career requires footwear that can withstand daily torture. Combat boots come in many different styles and qualities, make sure you’re choosing the best protection for your feet. Fortunately, the best selection is not always the most expensive selection, so don’t let our affordable prices turn you away. We have testimonials from SWAT Officers, a former Army Equipment officer and so many more that are exceedingly happy to have purchased our Tactical Footwear.

Waterproof Military Boots

When you’re in the Military you have to be ready for anything and so does the tactical equipment you utilize. ALTAI™ boots lock moisture out of the boot, keeping your feet and socks dry and your work less unpleasant. Our Military grade boots were developed for Law and Military Personal and our product speaks for itself when it over delivers in performance. We know you won’t let anything stop you, so be sure your feet are ready for the terrain below.

Speed Lacing for a Tight Fit

Dependability is major when it comes to military forces. Is the footwear you’ve chosen to wear as dependable as you? If not, it can make you look bad. ALTAI™ Tactical boots not only offer a dependable VIBRAM outsole but they are also equipped with an advanced speed lacing system, for a fit that is both supportive and protective.

Men & Women’s Military Boots

Our quality design allows for Military Boots in both Men and Women’s sizes. Shop our selection online or find a local ALTAI™ Retailer in the Midwest and try them on for yourself. You might just find yourself becoming a new testament to our industry-leading military grade boots.

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