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Tan Military Boot

Aug 24, 2016

Tan BootNeed a Tan Military Boot to keep up with your stride? You have arrived at the perfect resource for just that. ALTAI™ has a wide range of tactical boots, from Black to Brown and our ever popular Tan Military Boot. Great in and out of uniform and for just about any occasion where you will be on your feet. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort, protection, durability or appearance when it comes to our Tactical Footwear. Get everything and more when you choose to invest in a pair of quality boots for your feet and the many journeys ahead of you.

Breathable Tan Military Boot

Days get hot and the sun beats down, when you have ALTAI™ boots on your feet you won’t be slipping and sliding in your heated boots, you will be calm, cool and collect, or at least your boots won’t be the trouble.  You’ve got to get from point A to point B somehow, make it the easy way with the advanced protection of our Tan Military Boots.

Benefits of Our Tan Military Boots

  • ALTAI™ Easy to Clean Stain Resistant -Tan is a lighter color and therefore easier to get dirty and hard to keep clean for too long. Spilling anything darker on tan boots can often lead to stains and discoloration. Our material resists moisture, therefore resisting any water or oil it comes in contact with. Watch it bead up, instead of soaking in.
  • Slash Resistant – If it is not your land and you aren’t familiar with the environment around you there is no telling what you may run into. And your feet may be the first thing in contact with it. The fabric used for our boots has tiny armored plates that provide superior defence and long-lasting durability. Be sure your protected and move forward in confidence in your ALTAI™ boots.
  • Results of quick cleanEasy to Clean – As mentioned earlier, Tan can be difficult to keep looking presentable. Our boots are one of the easiest to clean. Check out a YouTube Video of our Tactical Boots cleaning up with just a hose.
  • Extreme Comfort – You really need not sacrifice anything when you choose our Tan Military Boots. As soon as you take them out of the box you will immediately notice how lightweight they are and once the speed laces are secure you will realize that these boots were made to enjoy right now.

Purchase a Pair of Tan Tactical Boots Online or In Stores

Order Online, stop by our retailers and put a quality boot on your foot today.

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