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ALTAI™ Gear – Multi-Functional Boots

Multi-Functional Waterproof Tactical FootwearWhen shopping for a pair of boots, one of the key ingredients of a quality pair is that they are multi-functional and diverse. Most individuals that wear boots on a regular basis come into contact with a wide range of conditions, and the expectation is that the boots will hold up regardless of what comes their way. Thanks to our team at ALTAI™, there is finally a boot on the market that can truly give you that peace of mind. At ALTAI™, our customers come from a wide variety of backgrounds. It makes sense because once you find a tactical boot that is comfortable, protective and long lasting, you stick with it! Often times, we see law enforcement officers, military personnel, outdoorsman and hikers utilize our boots that were born to outperform! We credit the success of our tactical boots to our listening skills.

Extreme Weather Boots

Extreme Weather FootwearFor the warmest boots in the world, the ALTAI™ team and their footwear are your number one extreme weather boot on the market today! Take your job and your feet seriously as your running down the suspect during the coldest snow storms. Climb up Mount Washington easily during the harshest of climates… Read Full Post

Tactical Footwear to take Anywhere

Travel Tactical FootwearThe last thing that should cross your mind when you’re ready to go is ‘what shoes should I wear?’. And when I say go, I mean GO! GO adventuring the rocky terrain in the mountain states, GO boarding the sand dunes of Colorado, GO hiking state trails or GO forge your own path. Whether it be through the freezing conditions and snow or the hot desert sun and sand – ALTAI™ Tactical Footwear will protect and comfort your feet with every step you choose to take. Read Full Post