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Tough Footwear for Extreme Climates

Jul 03, 2016

BootWhen battling the frozen tundra or searching the Sierra Desert, ALTAI™ footwear has the durability needed to tough through even the most extreme climates. Our top of the line materials SuperFabric® and VIBRAM® create the lightest, most durable boots around today. Having stain and laceration resistant footwear will make you feel like your feet are up on the couch whether you are in 100-degree heat or negative with a blistering wind chill. Wearing these boots is an investment, not only for your feet but for your pocket book. Our durable materials are made to withstand essentially whatever it is you attempt to throw their way.

Brilliant Boot Withstanding Freezing Temperatures

Have you ever been working so hard in the below temperatures that your feet begin to sweat? Then following soon after your boot feeling like it is fusing to your body? We understand the harshest of climates and thrive to provide the best footwear to bear the blistering cold weather. Our durable and lightweight materials will help your next rugged winter footwear perform to the caliber that you are at. Don’t let Mr. Winter slow you down, climb up that ice mountain, go outdoor camping after New Years our boot is created for you, the extreme and elite warriors that will battle mother nature as if it were the dragon before the castle. Our SuperFabric® is what makes our footwear withstand the freezing temperatures. SuperFabric® is also found in materials used for motorcycle protection, hot tub covers, even diving gear. Built to last and take a beating, our below freezing footwear will not slow you down or make you stop in your tracks. Make your next form fitting winter footwear one of our ALTAI™ boots, built for the tough tundra and virtually anything else in your path.

Breathable Tactical Boots Hot Temperatures

Having a breathable tactical boot that can keep you moving during hot temperatures is a must, especially for military, fire, and police. Not only do your feet need to stay dry and through the task the bottoms need protection just as well. Imagine all of those old worn out boots, they weren’t able to keep up with you because they didn’t have what we have now, a VIBRAM® soles. Keep the heat where it belongs, under your feet and outside your boot. Our EVA midsoles help resist shock to your feet and joints. Don’t sweat the heat, pick up your ALTAI™ footwear, your feet will thank you!

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