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Important Hunting Rules You Should Follow To Stay Safe

Hunting is a hobby and way of life that millions of people all over the world enjoy. However, it comes with certain hazards and dangers that you can avoid if you take the proper precautions. Most hunting accidents are avoidable, so following specific protocols is necessary to ensure your own safety. Here is a list […]
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How To Become a Successful Hunter This Year

While hunting may look easy, it’s much more than pointing a gun and firing. First, you need to know how to find the game, fire accurately, avoid frightening the animals, and much more. If you want to become accomplished at this activity, learn how to become a successful hunter this year with our simple, but […]
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Hunting Boot

Hunting FootwearIt’s that moment when your alarm goes off at 4am and instead of hitting the snooze button a few more times you jump up, put on your camouflage, grab your ALTAI™ boots, and head on out the door. That’s right! When hunting season hits, so does our excitement for being in the outdoors! One of the best ways to improve your game and keep you comfortable all throughout hunting season is to purchase protective footwear for hunting. Read Full Post
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Quality Men's Tactical Boots

Men's BootQuality is hard to come by these days when it comes to men’s tactical boots. The footwear industry is flooded with so many boots that claim to be reliable, comfortable and high quality, when in fact many are poorly made. Whether you are in need of durable tactical boots for your profession... Read Full Post
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Boot for Hunting

Hunting Footwear“Nature’s ultimate predator wasn’t created to prowl the grocery store.” Welcome to hunting season. As you clean your guns and set your bows, don’t forget to factor in all the gear you will need for this upcoming season. While making sure that your gun has plenty of ammunition and you're sights are aligned properly, let’s not forget that if you don’t have proper gear and equipment, you’ll never get a chance to even fire the gun or release that arrow! Read Full Post
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Hunting Boot for Men and Woman

Great  Hunting FootwearWhen you think of all of your various hunting gear, what do you think is the most important in terms of overall comfort and performance? Hunters and other wildlife enthusiasts agree that boots are the most critical piece of equipment that you put on before you head out is your boots. Boots are critical to your movement, they keep you comfortable, dry, warm and they need to be light enough... Read Full Post
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