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Hunting Boot for Men and Woman

Sep 22, 2015
Women's Tactical Boots Buying Guide

Great Hunting FootwearWhen you think of all of your various hunting gear, what do you think is the most important in terms of overall comfort and performance? Hunters and other wildlife enthusiasts agree that boots are the most critical piece of equipment that you put on before you head out is your boots. Boots are critical to your movement, they keep you comfortable, dry, warm and they need to be light enough not to make a lot of noise and scare off your prey. ALTAI™ boots are the best lightweight and durable boots on the market, the perfect hunting boot, suitable for long or short hunts as well as other survival applications. These boots are comfortable right out of the box, water resistant, easy to clean, and have shock-absorbing cushion that will keep you comfortable for many hours during your days in the wilderness.

ALTAI™ Boots: High Performance Hunting Footwear

One of the most important functions of a hunting boot is to provide protection for your feet. Every pair of ALTAI™ boots is made with a specialized and unique rubber outer sole, created by Vibram® for the outdoors. This sole has undergone extensive performance testing in a wide variety of terrains all over the country. ALTAI™ for performance in a variety of terrains and exceeds expectations in grass, ice, mud and snow; in wet or dry environments and can handle a wide range of motion including running and climbing and can help your foot grip on level ground and on hills.

The midsoles of our boots also protect your feet from sharp objects that you may encounter in the woods while you run, walk, jog or climb. Finally, the material used to make the the ALTAI™ hunting boots is waterproof. Our boots are made from entirely water resistant materials from the upper to the midsole all the way to the outsole, so you can be confident your feet will stay dry even during the longest hunt.

Trust ALTAI™ Boots For Your Next Hunt

Our ALTAI™ Boots were specially designed for the most taxing and difficult outdoor activities including hunting, law enforcement, military and hiking. Our customers continue to share their positive feedback with us about the durability and comfort of our boots. High quality and reasonable prices — try them for yourself! Call our team at 1-(800) 806-2611 for more information or to place an order now, before your next hunt!

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