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First Boots on the Ground

side zip tactical boot On any given work day, a healthy portion of my time is spent tucked away in a cubicle, aiding in a myriad of administrative functions aimed at assuring daily operations run smoothly. But outside of business hours, my life is far from stationary. Between two dogs demanding outlets for their energy and a wife that loves any activity (as long as it involves running), I am always on the move. I believe it is for this reason that I was selected by the team to be the first wear test for the new Altai MFT100-Z… Read Full Post

ALTAI at The Minnesota’s Chief of Police Association Expo in St. Cloud MN

Minnesota Chief Of Police Association ExpoThe popular, durable and dependable ALTAI™ tactical boots will be one of the products featured at the upcoming 2016 Minnesota Chief Of Police Association Expo, April 18-19th at the River’s Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud, MN. This expo will attract more than 400 law enforcement leaders and public safety professionals from the area and allow them to get a closer look at many products and services that are used in the field on a daily basis. Read Full Post

Law Enforcement Boots

Officer in Altai Tactical BootsFirst of all, thank you to all the men and women that protect our country and keep us safe. Without your service, there is no doubt that crime would rise and our nation would fall. Too often people forget that the majority of law enforcement officials are here to protect the residents of the US, not hurt us! Every time you lace up your boots and head out to do your job, ALTAI™ would like to salute you for your service. Read Full Post

ALTAI at Police K9 Conference March 8-10 2016 Las Vegas

ALTAI 2016 Police K9 Conference Las VegasIt’s back!!! That’s right, you guessed it! The 2016 Police K9 Conference & Vendor Show is back for another year. Mark your calendars for March 8-10, 2016, in Las Vegas and get ready for some top notch training. While you’re there, you’ll get the chance to explore and visit with some wonderful vendors. At ALTAI™, we didn’t hesitate to sign up as a vendor and be a part of such an amazing event for K9 Officers. Read Full Post

Law Enforcement Boot

Boots for Law EnforcementAs a law enforcement officer, you never know what each day on the job will bring. If you are considering this field, this is not the type of job where you sit behind a desk all day. Instead, law enforcement officers are on their feet the majority of the day as they respond to any potential issues that may arise in their community. In the same way that these honorable individuals protect our community, we at ALTAI™ strive to protect their feet on the job. Read Full Post

Law Enforcement Boot

Law Enforcement Footwear“The backbone of our nation’s domestic defense against terrorist attacks will continue to be the men and women in local law enforcement and emergency services.”

– Saxby Chambliss

We’ve all seen it. It seems like every time you watch the news, someone was bombed, kidnapped, or sacrificed from both a domestic and foreign terrorist attack. Read Full Post