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How Much Insulation You Need for a Boot

How Much Insulation You Need for a Boot

Boots are great for cold temperatures. Many boots are insulated, which is what keeps our feet warm. If you’ve ever wondered why some boots are warmer than others, it’s because of the insulation. Understanding how insulation works can help you choose the right pair of...

Tactical Boots for the Outdoors

Whether you are outside for business or for pleasure, the right equipment is a must for any outdoorsman. ALTAI™ boots are the perfect fit for anyone spending a considerable amount of time outside. This is because our boots are specifically designed to bring comfort and quality to an otherwise undesirable and definitely not comfortable market of boots. Read Full Post

Boot For Winter

Winter BootsPeople who live in colder climates are advised to switch their comfortable walking shoes for a pair of insulated boots especially during winter. If you want to keep warm, you should definitely start by purchasing a reliable pair of winter boots. Reliable winter boots should not only provide warmth for your feet… Read Full Post

On Sale Winter Hiking Boot

On Sale Winter Hiking BootWhen matching up against the toughest of tundras, ALTAI™ has an on sale winter hiking boot that will keep you on top of your game! Our lightweight materials have been specially designed to outlast anything else on the market. The scientifically generated boot will give you the weight reduction you need while… Read Full Post