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The Benefits of Technology in Tactical Footwear

Today, tactical footwear is a sophisticated blend of technology, comfort, and durability. This type of footwear has always served specialized industries, providing the crucial support needed during high-stress situations. That’s why it’s critical that these boots continually reach and adapt to the ever-changing needs of those who rely on it most and their demanding positions.  […]
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Tactical Footwear: Why Waterproof Boots Alone Won’t Cut it

If you work in an industry where you’re on your feet all the time or plan on going on an outdoor adventure- then you probably know how important it is to be tactical when choosing the right boot. Although a waterproof boot is essential when exposed to certain weather conditions and/or in demanding situations where […]
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The Different Types of Boot Construction Methods

The process of making shoes is more complex than you might think. Many people believe the material of the shoe is what’s most important, but the boot construction method is just as vital. Just as there are different kinds of shoes, there are also various types of construction methods. Learning how shoes are constructed can […]
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Tactical Boot Technology

Waterproof Tactical Boot TechnologyHave you been looking for that perfect boot that blends functionality, comfort, protection and durability? A pair of boots that you can rely on and grab for an extended hike in tough terrain or a just full day in your active job? Wherever life takes you, ALTAI™ Tactical Boots are ready to be your partner. Our boots have become a staple for those in the military, in law enforcement, industrial workers, survival experts and even runners who may prefer a rugged trail. Each pair of ALTAI™ tactical boots...
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