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Most Common Hiking Boots Lacing Techniques

Jul 07, 2021

There are two things that are very important for a successful hike: a pair of waterproof insulated hiking boots and proper hiking boot lacing techniques. These two things will ensure your feet stay safe, warm, comfortable, and dry. If you struggle with how to tie hiking boots, here are a few common lacing techniques.

The Window Technique

One of the most common boot lacing techniques is the window method. Sometimes, hikers notice pain in the top of their feet. This results from tying the laces too tight. One way to prevent this pain is to use the window technique. For the window technique, you need to thread your laces vertically instead of the standard crisscross. When threading your shoelaces, all you need to do is thread the lace upward instead of sideways, then go back to the middle with both laces and cross them together so that it looks like the first stage of tying a knot. While it may look strange, it relieves pressure from the top of your foot and keeps your laces securely in place.

The Surgeon’s Knot Technique

The surgeon’s knot is easy to make and ensures that your laces remain tied for the entire trip. It is just like a simple overhand knot, except you make it stronger by looping two or three times before pulling on either side to complete the knot. This knot is sure to keep your boots securely attached to your feet at all times.

The Heel Lock Technique

If you have narrow heels, you need to learn the heel lock technique. The heel lock method keeps your heels firmly in place, preventing any slipping and sliding. The perfect time for this lacing technique is when you finish lacing the entire shoe and need to tie a knot. First, you need to leave the last lacing holes available for both boots. Then, take each shoestring and move it upward, placing it into the above hole. Do not crisscross—remember to thread the laces vertically for the last loops of the boots. Then, cross the laces in the middle of the shoes and pull the ends under the shoestring between the last two holes. This shoestring should be in place if you laced vertically. Then, tighten the laces by pulling toward your toes and tie a knot to finish the process. To learn more about hiking boot lacing techniques and other ways to get the most out of your tactical footwear, explore more of our blogs.

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