Summer is here, which means the warm weather is about to begin. One thing you probably want to avoid is sweaty feet. Here is a short list of the most breathable shoe materials so you can keep your feet cool and dry.


One of the most breathable shoe materials is cotton. Cotton is lightweight, cleans easily, and is very breathable. Unfortunately, cotton does absorb a lot of moisture, so it’s not the best if you plan to get your feet wet.


Polyester is flexible, soft, and does not easily absorb moisture. If you’re looking for a pair of walking shoes for travel, the ones you choose will likely be made with a textile blend that includes polyester. In fact, polyester can even be stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about ruining them if you spill liquid on them during your trip.


Rayon is used in many athletic clothing items because of its breathability. Sometimes, it can be mistaken for silk. It was the first man-made fibre. It’s a soft, breathable, lightweight material that tends to mimic silk or cotton. Unfortunately, rayon by itself is rather weak, so it’s always blended with cotton or a stronger textile.


You may not have heard of lycra because it’s usually referred to by its more common name: spandex. Strong, extremely flexible, and lightweight, it’s easy to see why spandex is used in clothing and shoes. The bindings and linings of a shoe are usually made out of lycra.


Polypropylene fabric is not very famous, but it’s a great textile for shoes. It’s made from plastic, but it turns into a wonderful textile. Polypropylene is breathable, lightweight, flexible, non-irritating, and even non-combustible.

These are the most common materials used in the shoe-making process. Here at ALTAI®, we make our traveling shoes with our own blend of materials called SuperFabric®, which is lightweight, waterproof, flexible, and even stain-resistant. Before your next vacation or adventure, take a look at our online store for travel shoes that are both comfortable and stylish.




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