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Boots for Women and MenWhether you live in Minnesota, Florida, Oregon, Texas or Maine, our boots are designed to keep up with the elements of the season, in every season. From Spring Fishing to Shoveling Snow, our line of Tactical Boots offers All Year Protection and Comfort. You can get them wet, muddy, sandy and they still clean up nicely and are ready for tomorrow. Easy your feet with comfortable tactical boots on a long shift, protect them when traveling through new terrain, or keep them as an outdoor boot for your home - regardless of the task at hand, the line of tactical boots created by ALTAI™ will add security, ease and comfort along your way.

Spring Boot for Men & Women

Go for a nice hike anytime when you have our Brown Hiking Boots in your closet, ready to be utilized. Or maybe you're excited to open the cabin back up, our shoes can comfort you along the way. Fishing opener never felt so relaxing with a pair of ALTAI™'s Waterproof Boots on, fish in the boat and a line in the water.  Our boots are perfect for your spring endeavors, so don't slow down - ALTAI™ Gear Up!

Summer Boots for Men & Women

Tactical BootIf you're the kind that often gets stuck in the mud, our waterproof tactical boots with mudguards are the perfect boot for you. Summer gets muddy and our secure speed lacing can keep your boot on your feet in the mud and keep your feet dry and comfortable. Need to do something in a thunderstorm? It happens... and our boots are perfect to wear when you have to be out in the rain because the rain drops bead up and continue to flow to the ground, instead of soak into your shoes and socks.

Fall Boots for Men & Women

You into hunting? How about your buddy or significant other? These boots are prime hunting boots. They are lightweight, firmly secure on your foot and protective. So 'stealth mode' is easy even on your feet. Then when it's time to go home, lace up your ALTAI™ Tactical boots and conquer those leaves or get lost in a corn maze, our boots are great for any reason and all seasons.

Winter Boots for Men & Women

Cold Temperature BootSnow and Ice can lead to dangerous conditions, be sure you have traction when you need it with our tactical boots perfect for snowy and icy conditions. Shovel your driveway without cold and wet feet, build a snowman, go sledding - whatever you like to do in the winter, don't let your footwear stop you.

Order a pair of our quality tactical boots online, stop by our Woodbury, MN shop or another Midwest ALTAI™ retailer.

Tactical Boots for MenLooking for a tactical boot is a sport, especially if you are determined to find that one that fits and feels like it should. Commonly tactical boots, combat boots, military boots, even hiking boots are made of mostly of waterproof leather and vinyl but our innovative boot materials take Men's Tactical Boots to the next extreme. Our boots last longer, stay cleaner and protect better, all the while still being 5 ounces lighter than the competitors! So take them for a spin at an ALTAI local Midwest Retailer or order your Tactical Boots online now - we offer free shipping, size exchanges and you even pay no shipping if you wish to return them within the first 30 days. No strings attached, well besides the secure speed lacing system.. just boots we know you won't want to part with.

Our Men's Tactical Boots are Designed For People who need...

Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Order your new ALTAIboots online.

Boots for Law EnforcementAs a law enforcement officer, you never know what each day on the job will bring. If you are considering this field, this is not the type of job where you sit behind a desk all day. Instead, law enforcement officers are on their feet the majority of the day as they respond to any potential issues that may arise in their community. In the same way that these honorable individuals protect our community, we at ALTAI™ strive to protect their feet on the job. Specializing in law enforcement boots, consider partnering with us for your next pair.

Why Choose ALTAI™ for your Boot?

With so many boot options out on the market, what makes our law enforcement boots so special? Our team has created what we believe is the best all around tactical boot on the market, thanks to the following features that benefit law enforcement officers:

Boots for Law Enforcement Officers

As a law enforcement officer, you put your life on the line to protect your community each and everyday. For that, we at ALTAI™ are forever grateful. Although we are not able to keep your entire body protected, we do specialize in high quality law enforcement boots that are comfortable, built to last and will keep your feet protected each day. Give ALTAI™ a call today at (800) 806-2611 or visit to learn more about our top notch law enforcement boots.

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