Uniform Boots

Whether you’re working in the fire department, military, or police force as a deputy or other law enforcement officer, our protective boots and endurance-packed footwear leave little to be desired. Whatever your reason, it’s no secret that purchasing a reliable, breathable, and protective pair of duty boots is important. When it comes to providing top-of-the-line uniform boots, ALTAI™ has you covered. Each of our products is carefully vetted and handpicked to ensure they meet all your needs and beyond. We help you protect your feet from difficult and dangerous elements. Browse our collection and shop first-rate duty and uniform boots and more today.

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  • ALTAI 8″ Waterproof Black Boots Model: MFT100

  • ALTAI 6″ Waterproof Black Boots Model: MFT100-S

  • ALTAI 8″ Waterproof Side Zip Black Boots Model: MFT100-Z

  • ALTAI 6″ Waterproof Side Zip Black Boots Model: MFT100-ZS