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Work Boots with All Day Comfort

Apr 22, 2016

Work Boots with All Day ComfortMy local postman has been wear-testing the MFT200S since they debuted in September 2015.  I saw him today, as he was like always, wearing the tough pair of work boots on his route. When I asked how he has been enjoying the particular pair, he had great things to say about the footwear. He’s worn them every working day since September, putting about 8 miles per day on them.  He also wears them during the weekend, and believes he is averaging about 50 miles per week on the boot. Doing the math, he’s put about 1200 miles on the boots since he received them – and look how great they look! He said they’re terrific boots and have lasted longer than most other boots or shoes he’s tried for work. He loves the boots and highly recommends them! Which is always a great response to hear and we get it quite often, humbly of course, we appreciate the feedback and love to continue creating comfort for everyone.

Work Boots

If you’re like the Average American, your week involves a lot of work. If that work requires you to be on your feet all day, we can help get you through your day with one less hassle. Our line of tactical boots offers all day comfort, so one thing you don’t have to deal with at the end of the day is painful feet.

Lightweight Boots for the Extra Mile

Have you ever counted how many steps you take a day? Everyone’s daily steps will vary, but 10,000 steps a day is recommended to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle by many fitness coaches. That’s a lot of steps. Be sure you’re equipped to handle each and every one of them with by investing in quality footwear, designed to be worn all day long.

The Quality Materials that make up our ATLAI ™ Boots:

  • SuperFabric®This fabric is stain, abrasion, slash, and even rodent resistant. Also quick drying, completely breathable, and environment friendly. Creating a very durable and versatile product.
  • EVA – a polymer material made for impact and stress resistance located in the midsole of our work boot.
  • VIBRAM® – Highest quality forged rubber. Excellent grip, very low wear, and amazing results for loss of shock on impact.

Try ALTAI™ Boots for your Daily Routine

Make each step a little easier by lacing up your ALTAI™ Boots every morning. Regardless of your occupation, our boots deliver the same results. Try them on for yourself at our ALTAI™ Showroom in Oakdale, MN; find a local ALTAI™ Boot Retailer near you in Minnesota & Wisconsin or order them directly online and have them shipped to your home. We offer free size exchanges on all our online purchases and free shipping. If you still have questions about our boots or concerns, contact our office at 1-(800) 806-2611 or email us at

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