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What You Should Pack for a Spring Hiking Trip When it’s Cold

Jul 06, 2022
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When you’re planning a spring camping trip, it’s necessary to bring all the essentials so that you can stay prepared for anything. Keep the weather and terrain in mind as you pack. Here’s a list of what you should pack for a spring hiking trip when it’s cold.

Insulated Jacket

The first thing you should pack for a chilly spring hiking trip is an insulated jacket. Staying warm and dry is necessary when the weather is cold and potentially snowy. A warm jacket that stays insulated and that holds in body heat is ideal.

Warm Headwear

Next, you’ll want to pack warm headwear. A hat, earmuffs, or a fuzzy headband will all work effectively to keep your head warm and protected from the wind and cold weather. The ears are some of the quickest parts of the body to get cold, so finding headwear that covers the ears and holds in heat is crucial.

Functional Gloves

A functional pair of gloves is another essential to pack. You’ll need a pair of gloves that’s warm and that also allows you to move easily. Gloves work better than mittens, as they give your fingers the ability to grab independently and with ease.

Snow Pants

Another packing item for your hiking trip is a pair of snow pants. Waterproof, windproof pants will ensure you stay dry and warm in cold or snowy weather while you’re hiking. Conditions can get frigid and icy at higher altitudes, so a pair of snow pants is something you won’t want to leave out when you’re packing.

Long Johns

Long johns are another crucial item to have on a hiking trip in colder climates. Layering keeps you warm and holds in your body heat while you’re hiking. You can find one-piece long johns, or you can opt for a two-piece set that comes with a shirt and bottoms. Making sure you have warm layers while you’re on a hiking trip will ensure you stay warm and protected from the cold temperatures.

Thick Socks

You’ll also want to pack a pair of thick socks for your trip. The feet are another part of the body that can get cold rather quickly, so wearing a pair of thick socks will prevent your feet’s heat from escaping while you’re hiking. Wool socks are great options that are thick and warm.

Tactical Hiking Boots

The last thing to pack for your winter hiking trip is a pair of tactical hiking boots. Depending on where you choose to hike, you may encounter some rugged terrain, so it’s necessary to have shoes that will protect your feet from any obstacles. Tactical hiking boots are fantastic solutions that will keep your feet safe, warm, and comfortable.

Now that you have your list of what to pack for a spring hiking trip when it’s cold, you can begin getting your essentials together. ALTAI has a superb selection of waterproof tactical hiking boots perfect for any outdoor enthusiast’s hiking trip.

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