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What You Should Know Before Buying Tactical Boots

Sep 22, 2022

If you’re thinking about purchasing your first pair of tactical boots, there are some helpful things to know ahead of time. You’ll want to understand the different uses of these boots and the various features to look for as you shop. Here’s what you should know before buying tactical boots.

What Is Tactical Footwear?

First, you should understand what tactical footwear is. Typically tactical footwear is for members of the military, law enforcement officers, and security personnel. These jobs require specific types of footwear to ensure safety and performance while working. Therefore, manufacturers make tactical boots to meet the necessary regulations and requirements of these professions.

What Should You Use Tactical Boots For?

It’s also helpful to know the different uses of tactical boots and in what situations you can or should wear them. While tactical footwear is mainly for the military and law enforcement, there are several other circumstances in which a pair would be beneficial. For example, you can wear tactical boots when hunting, hiking, doing construction work, and performing any other activity where you want to keep your feet safe.

What Are the Different Parts of Tactical Boots?

You will also want to know the different parts of tactical boots before making a purchase. There are several different parts that all go together to make the shoe fit and function the way that it should. Here are the main parts of a pair of standard tactical boots.


The outsole of the boots is the bottom or lower-most part of the shoe. Outsoles are generally rubber, which helps you maintain traction and stability during wear. You want tactical boots with strong outsoles that will last for a long time and experience little to no wear and tear.


The insole is above the outsole but beneath your foot. This part of the shoe helps to create support for the arches of your feet. You want a boot with comfortable and supportive insoles so that you can wear them for long periods without experiencing any discomfort.


The upper is the main surface of the shoe that covers your foot from the back of the heel to the toe. The material of the upper may differ depending on the brand of the boots, but it will usually be leather, fabric, or mesh.


The tongue is the part of the shoe that rests over the top of the foot. The shoelaces will cross over the tongue, which provides additional support and comfort for the top of the foot, ankles, and shins.


The collar goes along the rim of the upper back portion of the shoe. This shoe piece is often reinforced with extra padding to protect your ankles and keep you comfortable while you wear the boots.

Toe Cap

The toe cap is the piece of the boot that covers the toes. Manufacturers typically make toe caps out of steel, metal, or hard plastic. Toe caps are protective pieces that keep your toes and feet safe from potential hazards and injuries.


The eyelets are the holes that the shoelaces go through. Eyelets are usually circular pieces of metal or loops made of fabric. These pieces keep the shoelaces in place and tightly secure so that they don’t become loose during wear.

Common Types of Tactical Boots

Before purchasing tactical footwear, you should also know the common types of tactical boots and their purposes. The most common type of tactical footwear is the standard issue combat boot that the infantry soldiers and police generally wear. Next, you have jump boots that paratroopers wear. Jump boots are the shiny, black tactical boots many people wear as fashion statements. Meanwhile, tanker boots have straps instead of laces for safety purposes. The military uses desert and jungle boots for specific locations and climates.

Essential Features To Look For in Tactical Boots

Now that you understand the various types and parts of tactical footwear, you will also want to know the essential features to look for in tactical boots. These different features are what help to make your boots as comfortable and functional as possible, allowing you to wear them for long periods without becoming sore.


You want a pair of tactical boots that are strong and durable enough to withstand the different elements and situations in which you wear them. They should have a strong foundation and provide the necessary support for your feet, toes, ankles, and shins.


Breathability is another feature to look for, as you want to keep your feet from overheating while you wear the boots. Mesh and other fabric materials help to wick away sweat and allow for proper airflow so that your feet can breathe.


Another crucial feature is comfort, as no one wants to experience discomfort, pain, or soreness during an excursion. You want to have a good amount of arch and ankle support, so it’s important to look for materials that are strong enough to support you but soft enough to wear for extended periods.


Flexibility is another key feature in a good pair of tactical boots. Avoid shoes that are stiff and difficult to move around in as you walk, run, and work. You should look for boots with enough give to be flexible and allow your feet to move around properly.


Versatility is also a helpful feature to have in your tactical footwear. You should be able to wear your boots in various conditions, climates, and locations. Look for a pair of boots that offer versatile functions and can withstand wind, water, rain, heat, sand, snow, and more.

Slip Resistance

Another important feature to have in your boots is slip resistance. This feature is there for your safety and helps to keep you from slipping, tripping, and falling. Slip resistance can save you from many potential injuries.

Now that you’re aware of the essential things to know before buying tactical boots, you can start looking for the perfect pair. Make sure to find a pair that fits you well and has all the features you need. Altai Gear has a wonderful selection of boots to choose from, including high-quality women’s tactical boots.

What You Should Know Before Buying Tactical Boots


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