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What to Pack for a Charter Fishing Trip

Mar 12, 2020
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Sometimes the best catches can only be found in deeper water. But chances are that you don’t own a boat of your own to take you there. A fishing charter solves this dilemma by giving you the chance to ride on a boat and try your hand at reeling in impressive fish. Before you head out, though, you should ensure that you’re ready to go by knowing what to pack for a charter fishing trip.

Food and Water

Some charters offer food onboard, but regardless, it’s smart to bring along some food and water. Items that are easy to eat on the go are ideal, since you probably won’t want to leave your rod too long. Sandwiches, granola bars, and other such foods are ideal. As for water, you should have a sizable bottle so that you don’t get dehydrated over the course of the day.

Sun Protection

During your time on the boat, you’ll probably be exposed to a fair amount of sun. You should therefore take precautions to prevent damage from UV rays. Wear sunscreen on any skin that isn’t covered up by clothing. A brimmed hat can provide additional shade as well. Polarized sunglasses are also a must since the light reflection from the water can harm your eyes and make it harder to see anything.

Adapted Clothing

Wetness on the boat is another factor that you’re going to need to cope with. A sunny day can quickly turn stormy out at sea, so have a jacket ready that will repel water. You should also wear slip-resistant footwear, such as rubber-soled shoes or outdoor boots that have the traction to keep you stable even on the slick surface of the deck. It may be even better if you don footwear that is waterproof, as this will keep your feet more comfortable even if the gear gets soaked. AltaiGear provides boots that have both these qualities, which means that they’ll perform well in the unpredictable conditions you may find on a charter fishing trip. Look through our website and find the right match for you.

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