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What is SuperFabric® and why is it such an important piece to my footwear?

Jan 01, 1970

ALTAI™ boots are shoes that basically go above and beyond the standard for today’s rugged footwear. Our boots are waterproof, lightweight, and durable, making them the perfect choice for any outdoor enthusiast or any person that works in law enforcement or endures the harsh weather outdoors. While there are many features that make the ALTAI™ multifunctional boot the number one choice for consumers, today we are choosing to focus on SuperFabric® and the large role it plays within our shoes.

What is SuperFabric®?
At ALTAI™, we searched long and hard and performed numerous studies that would ultimately produce the great pair of boots we offer today. When it came down to finding a fabric that would offer all of the key elements we were looking for, SuperFabric® was a no brainer. SuperFabric® is made specifically to be lightweight and durable. It is a complex design made up of fabric and armor plates that bind together to create a unique technology unlike any other. It’s quality is unsurpassed in the market today as it is both durable and still offers comfortability. No other material can perform quite like SuperFabric® can. Qualities of SuperFabric® include:

● Durability
● Stain Resistance
● Breathability
● Quick Drying Capabilities
● Slash Resistance
● Abrasion Resistance
● Rodent Resistance
● Environmental Friendliness

SuperFabric® in ALTAI™ Boots
You can find all sorts of uses for SuperFabric®. Motorcycle apparel, military apparel, it can even be found in beloved Ferraris. This is because SuperFabric® is incredibly unique. At ALTAI™, we use SuperFabric® for our boots’ upper section. SuperFabric® is designed to extend past the ankle and protect the boots from all of the elements it may encounter. This gives your boot durability, breathability, and the ability to rapidly dry in a hurry. Combined with other key elements within our boots, we have successfully engineered the most sustainable and reliable boot on the market today.

At ALTAI™, our mission is to reach out to anyone needing this type of outdoor boot and help them succeed at whatever they choose to do. Whether it’s taking a hike up a mountain, going fishing downstream, trudging the mucky snow as a law enforcement officer, or working on the power lines deep in the woods, ALTAI™ has got the right technology and superior materials to keep your feet warm and dry while you set off to do what you do best. For more information about ALTAI™ and our use of SuperFabric®, contact us today at (800) 806-2611 or send us an email at

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