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Ways To Style Your Combat Boots for Casual Wear

Nov 08, 2021

Over the past few years, combat boots have become more and more popular for everyday wear. In fact, many well-known actors and celebrities dress with combat boots. One of the best parts about combat boots is that they have many uses. You can use a sturdy pair for an adventurous hike in the mountains, or you can wear them to add flair to your outfits. If you want to wear your combat boots fashionably but don’t know how, then learn a few ways to style your combat boots for casual wear below.

Go Casual With Jeans

Tight jeans, cropped jeans, loose jeans, and baggy jeans all go with a sturdy pair of boots to create a casual combat boots outfit. If you choose to wear long jeans, try rolling them up to the tops of your combat boots so that your boots are visible. You can also easily pair black combat boots with white, black, or blue jeans for a casual and stylish outfit.

Add Style With Leggings

Black leggings look good with almost everything, and combat boots are no exception. Leggings allow your combat boots to stand out and add flair to every outfit. Usually, black leggings are the most popular choice, but you can use other colors that match nicely with your boots.

Rock a Leather Jacket

If you want a fantastic combination, look no further than a black leather jacket and a pair of combat boots. Keep in mind that your leather jacket doesn’t have to be black—you can use other colors such as dark brown and red. Leather jackets go well with any type of combat boot, and they create a sleek and fashionable outfit that you can wear during any time of the year.

Wear a Knee-Length Dress

During the summertime, people love to wear short and flowy dresses. These dresses keep you cool and comfortable, and they look very chic. While you can pair dresses with sandals or high heels, you can also wear them with combat boots for casual wear. If you want to wear this during cooler months, consider adding a pair of tights for a cool and edgy style.

Choose a T-Shirt Dress

Anyone who doesn’t prefer short and flowery summer dresses can always choose a T-shirt dress instead. A T-shirt dress is exactly what it sounds like: a T-shirt that is so long it works as a dress. This dress is simple and chic, and you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. While the dress itself is simple and casual, a pair of combat boots will take your outfit to the next level. To add more flair, accessorize with jewelry, sunglasses, or a cute purse or bag.

Stand Out With Skirts

If you’re not a fan of knee-length dresses, you can wear your combat boots with a long and flowy skirt. Remember that the skirt should not be longer than the top of your combat boots. This ensures you can show off your combat boots with your skirt, and they add style to your look. You can wear combat boots with short and mid-length skirts as well.

Be Comfortable in Shorts

Wearing shorts is one of the best ways to show off your combat boots. An outfit with shorts allows your combat boots to add an edgy flair to your outfit. Pair them and your shorts with a T-shirt or tank-top with a jacket, and you’ll have a comfy and relaxed outfit. If you want to wear shorts during colder weather, wear leggings under your shorts. While it’s fun to be fashionable, you should be comfortable as well. Never sacrifice your comfort for fashion.

Stay Warm in an Oversized Sweater

Since winter is just around the corner, you’ll need to dress in clothes that are stylish and will keep you warm. An oversized sweater pairs nicely with combat boots. This outfit will be very comfortable, and it will keep you warm throughout the fall and winter.

Wear a Trench Coat

If you want to make a statement with your combat boots, consider pairing them with a trench coat. This is a popular combination many fashion icons use during the fall and winter. The boots will keep your feet warm and comfortable, and they’ll accentuate the rest of your clothes. Long trench coats generally look the best, but you can wear any length.

Bring Out Your Plaid Jackets

During the fall, plaid jackets and autumn colors are stylish and trendy. Luckily, plaid jackets go very well with a pair of black or tan combat boots. By pairing them together with a pair of leggings, and you’ll be all ready for fall this year.

Try an All-Black Outfit

Anyone with a brave, bold, and daring sense of style should outfits with black combat boots at least once. All-black outfits look awesome and are sure to boost your confidence every time you wear them. If you want to combine some of the other clothes mentioned above, try an outfit with black combat boots, a black leather jacket, and black leggings. Want to try an all-black outfit with a dress? Pick out a black T-shirt dress, black combat boots, and a couple of accessories for a simple yet stunning outfit.

These are only a few of the ways to style your combat boots for casual wear. To recap, you can wear combat boots with an all-black outfit, plaid jackets, trench coats, oversized sweaters, shorts, knee-length dresses, leather jackets, leggings, and jeans. There are so many ways to use your combat boots for casual wear. If you need to add a pair of combat work boots to your wardrobe, view our online selection at ALTAI®. You’ll find plenty of comfortable, supportive, and stylish boots that you can use for practical purposes or everyday wear.

Ways To Style Your Combat Boots for Casual Wear

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