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Waterproof Tactical Boots

Oct 23, 2014

waterproof-tactical-bootsWorking in different climates or harsh weather conditions can be a tough job! Without the right equipment, some jobs can be almost impossible! If you are working in tough, damp environments, you need reliable boots that keep your feet dry and comfortable. For this reason, look no further that ALTAI™ multi-functional, water resistant, boots!

Importance of Waterproof Footwear

We’ve all heard this line before. So many work boots are advertised as being waterproof. Sure enough, the next wet day comes along and your socks are so soaked that they are sticking to your toes. Don’t let this misery continue! ALTAI™’s tactical boots are not just treated on the outside for water, but instead, are constructed with materials and inner liners that provide the best water-proofing solution possible, inside and out. Every material made within these boots is designed to repel water and withstand even fully submerged feet. Not only are these boots waterproof, they provide comfort and breathability. Our moisture wicking material allows for the boots to become more breathable and enforce its rapid dry quality.

Better Than The Rest

The ALTAI™ Tactical boots consistently outperforms other boots on the market today. The perfect combination of traits and design within the boot makes it incomparable to other known brands. Our multiple boot designs all offer the same advanced protection from environmental elements. The SuperFabric™ material within the boots is specially designed with both cloth and armor plates to provide protection and comfortability. Its SuperFabric™ is made up of moisture wicking material that is designed to pull moisture away from the skin, allowing more comfort and dryness for every boot wearer. Its strength and resistance is trusted in military apparel as well as motorcycle apparel and even sports cars like the Ferrari.

So, stop buying boots that don’t last and cause constant disappointment. Take care of the vital parts of your body that allow you to work all day long. Take care of your feet! Using ALTAI™’s tactical boots will keep your mind at ease about moisture and more focused on your task at hand. Call (800) 806-2611, or visit our website at to learn more about our product and order these boots today!

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