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Waterproof Tactical Boots in Brown, Black & Tan

Oct 26, 2016

Tactical BootsSo, the search for a waterproof tactical boot is on… There are many large names competing with each other when it comes to a quality leather tactical boot. Shopping for a quality boot that performs exactly the way you would expect it to is the reason you put your time into reading multiple reviews, researching materials used and comparing your top findings. If you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at out our industry-leading waterproof tactical boots, they are definitely worthy of listing as your top find when looking to purchase a tactical boot that will last and last and last…

Color Options of our Tactical Footwear

  • Black Boots – We have plenty of selection to choose from when your desired tactical boot choice is black. We have leather toe black tactical boots, SuperFabric covered boot models and our newest tactical boot is black with a side zipper.
  • Tan Boots – Is tan more your color? No need to fret, we have many Tan Tactical Boot styles to accommodate your desired look at fit. And our desert tan boots are just as easy to keep clean as they are to lace up!
  • Brown Boots – Somewhere in the middle you will find our quality brown boots. A great addition to anyone’s closet and, most importantly, to your feet.

What Sets our Boots Apart from the Others?

Color may be the thing that separates our tactical boots from each other but it is not what separates our boots from the rest of the market. As mentioned above, leather is the top choice for many of the tactical boot manufacturers in this market today. ALTAI™ does use leather in some of our boot models but we prefer to utilize SuperFabric. An innovative textile that provides the protection of armor with the lightweight feel of feathers. How? This textile is covered in tiny armor plates and then sealed with an eco-friendly resin that helps enhance boot performance.

Boot Style Options

High Top 8 ” Boot Options

  • Black SuperFabric Tactical Boots
  • Black Leather Toe Tactical Boots
  • Tan SuperFabric Tactical Boots
  • Brown Superfabric Tactical Boots

Low Top 6″ Boot Options

  • Black SuperFabric Tactical Boots
  • Black Leather Tactical Boots
  • Tan SuperFabric Tactical Boots
  • Brown Tactical Boots

Purchase our Tactical Boots Online today, the best part is we are having a HUGE TACTICAL BOOT SALE to make way for our newest tactical boot designs. With free shipping and size exchanges anywhere within the US. Your new boots are waiting!



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