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Waterproof Tactical Boot

Jun 14, 2015

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ALTAI Waterproof Tactical BootsDo you work outdoors, or maybe you can only head out on the weekends? Whatever the reason, if you’re trudging through the wet wilderness, it is always important to have on a good pair of waterproof tactical boots. Today’s market tries to sell most consumers temporary shoes. Meaning, name brand waterproof boots are sold for their name and look – and not necessarily their efficiency. The boots get worn out easily, and then you are back to buying another pair before you know it. The ALTAI™ tactical boot changes the entire game plan.

Superior Tactical Boot that’s Waterproof

While the ALTAI™ tactical boot was specifically designed to meet the strenuous demands of law enforcement, it can be worn by anyone looking for a tough product that’s comfortable for their feet. We have researched and used mounds of technology to make superior materials to fit into the perfect, intelligent design for our tactical boot. We set out to make the world’s most comfortable, durable, and lightweight tactical boot – and it’s ready for you today!

Waterproof Boot Materials

  • Waterproof Outsole: The VIBRAM® outsole of the boot is rubber so that it does not absorb any water and is completely reliable for traction in wet conditions and even underwater. It is lightweight and durable to provide mobility while also providing protection for unseen hazards.
  • Waterproof Midsole: Made up of EVA, a waterproof material that is similar to a shock absorber on some sneakers, the midsole of the ALTAI™ tactical boot is durable and lightweight and can also help with balance when on unstable ground. The shock absorbency helps to increase the comfort for the shoe wearer and also has the ability to protect the feet from contact with sharp objects.
  • Waterproof Upper: The upper portion of this boot gives maximum support to the foot and ankle as it extends above the ankle. SuperFabric®, known for its durability and comfort, is used in this region to provide water resistance, breathability, flexibility, and stain resistance. SuperFabric® is made up of both cloth and armor plates to provide the perfect amount of protection and comfortability.

So, if you are outside trudging through wet areas, it’s time to stop buying those temporary shoes. Go with something that is going to provide you comfort and will last a long time. Choose the ALTAI™ tactical boot. Order online today or for more information, please call us at (800) 806-2611.


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