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Waterproof Hiking Boot for The North Shore

Oct 14, 2016

Hiking BootsDo you consider nature your playground? Then boy, do we have a boot for you…and girl. ALTAI™ has created a hiking boot that stands up to anything you put under it. Our VIBRAM soles and Superfabric textile utilization brings our Brown Hiking Boots to the next level, the level that outperforms the next. Pack them on your weekend trip to the North Shore and your bound to explore more! These boots will keep you warm as the temperatures cool and dry when passing river creeks or enjoying the shoreline.

The Benefits of Waterproof Boots

You know those beautiful spots you see and want to conquer but you can’t risk getting your feet wet to get there because it would cut your whole trip short in the fall temperatures. With our Waterproof Hiking Boot you can risk it! And if the water doesn’t extend above the top of the boot, your feet will stay dry, warm and comfortable, even after you get them wet. Take the paths untraveled when you choose to wear boots that have no restrictions.

Waterproof BootsTake that leap of faith and know that even if your shoes get wet you can still keep hiking along. Don’t let your footwear hold you back, explore the world in its natural state with the help of a superior boot designed for rough, rocky, and wet terrain.

Key Features of our Brown Waterproof Hiking Boot

  • Slip Resistant – The last thing you need is to slip on the rocks when passing creeks and our rugged rubber VIBRAM sole will reduce the chances of that drastically. Our Hiking Boots provide an exceptional grip, in and out of the water, great for steep climbs and flowing waters.
  • Slash Resistant – The fabric covering our hiking boots is a highly durable, flexible and slash resistant. The textile we utilized is covered with tiny armored plates and offers protection for in even the harshest elements.
  • Easy to Clean – Nothing would be more convenient than a shoe that never gets dirty, though unrealistic, we have found a sort of solution. Our boots need nothing more than a quick hose and a gentle scrub. Soon after they will be dry and ready for more.
  • Comfortable – A boot with no comfort is one that sits on the shelf. Our boot will fit like a dream the second you put them on and they will keep your feet in comfort even when the hours get long.

Order our Brown Hiking Boots online or find our local Midwest retailers.

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