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Waterproof All Weather Boot

Feb 26, 2015

Hiking Tactical BootThis winter has been brutal for a large section of the United States. It has provided the type of extreme conditions that can really test the performance of an All Weather Boot. This is just the type of test that the team at ALTAI™ has been waiting for. Our Waterproof MF Tactical Boot has conquered the extreme cold temperatures, heavy snowfall, slush and ice. High Quality materials are evident in the performance and durability of this boot. The boot upper is constructed of a lightweight, flexible textile that allows your feet to breath. A rugged, VIBRAM® rubber sole delivers a no slip grip that shines equally in snow, sand, water and rugged terrain.

Waterproofing Technology

The design engineers at ALTAI™ Gear were adamant about manufacturing a MF Tactical Boot that was water proofed all through.

  1. Rubber VIBRAM® outsole repels water away
  2. SuperFabric® boot upper integrates tiny armor platelets with a backing material that has a water proof membrane added – the result is a breathable, flexible textile that wicks moisture away
  3. Speed Lacing system ensures a secure hold that lasts for hours
  4. Quality Manufacturing methods hold it all together and create a very durable All-Weather Boot

Breathable Textile Boot Upper

Revolutionary Textiles are utilized to create a very Breathable Boot Upper. You will not encounter “swamp feet” while trekking through brackish Florida swamp water in 90+ degrees. Your feet will remain dry and comfortable in these very versatile ALTAI™ boots.

ALTAI’s™ boot upper is made of a proprietary SuperFabric® textile. It is manufactured with enameled guard plates that are integrated with a breathable backing material. Air is allowed to flow between the tiny armored platelets, creating a very breathable and flexible material.

Superior Protection From Elements

SuperFabric™ materials set the standard by providing unparalleled protection from the elements. This armored textile provides protection from just about anything you could encounter. It is abrasion resistant, slash resistant, cut resistant, puncture resistant, stain resistant and water resistant.

All Weather Performance Boot

ALTAI™ invites you to field test your own pair of out very versatile MF Tactical Boots against the elements and give us a review. We think that you will find that they deliver as an All Weather Performance Boot. Our team strives to provide the best and most comfortable footwear for even the most extreme conditions. We utilized a rugged, VIBRAM® outsole and a breathable, protective SuperFabric® boot upper. Quality manufacturing standards and cutting edge technology combine to create a Waterproof MF Tactical Boot.

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