Watching the soles fall off your favorite pair of shoes can be frustrating. To prevent this, you can do a few things to protect the soles of your shoes. The first step is understanding why sole separation occurs.

1. High Temperatures

If you store your shoes in an area with a high temperature, this may cause sole separation. High temperatures weaken the glues and adhesives that attach the sole to the shoe. If possible, store them in an area that is room temperature or below.

2. Wrong Size

With time, your feet can change size and shape. Many people make the mistake of measuring their feet once or twice in their lifetime and assuming their shoe size will remain the same forever. An incorrect width or length puts extra pressure on certain parts of the sole, eventually tearing it away from the shoe.

3. No Usage Over Time

If you have a pair of tactical performance boots that sit in your closet for many years, = you should probably check the soles. Over time, the sole and shoe material can weaken and collapse. It’s best to buy a new pair of boots or shoes if this situation occurs.

4. Incorrect Activity

Footwear companies design their shoes for specific activities. These can include things like running, hiking, sports, and more. One of the most important parts of understanding why sole separation occurs is learning about and using the right shoes for your activity. For example, using hiking shoes to run track and field activities will damage the shoes quickly and cause sole separation.

5. Machine Washing and Drying

While washing machines are very useful, they aren’t the best for cleaning your shoes. The washing machine separates the soles from the rest of the components, and the dryer can shrink the shoes and damage the soles. If you can, avoid putting them in the washer and dryer altogether.

With this information, you now have a solid understanding of why the soles separate from your shoes. For your next pair of traveling shoes or hiking boots, remember to visit ALTAI® for a great selection.




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