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Tyler the Donut Boy

Jun 22, 2017

Tyler the Donut Boy’s mission is to directly thank each individual Law Enforcement professional in the U.S. for their commitment and service to their communities.

ALTAI™ is proud to sponsor this inspiring young man.

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It’s not every day you meet an inspiring 9-year-old like Tyler Carach, also known as the Donut Boy. Tyler has taken up a special mission that made us stop in our tracks and want to highlight what this young man has been doing for the men and women of Law Enforcement.

One day, Tyler and his mother noticed several police officers at a gas station stop. Being a passionate boy about law enforcement, Tyler asked his mother, Sheena Carach, if he could buy those officers donuts – with his own money – to thank them for what they do. After that, Tyler made up his mind: to give away donuts to every single cop in America.

To date, Tyler has given away over 60.000 donuts to Law Enforcement men and women to thank them for their service. During the Summer of 2017 alone, Tyler gave over 10,000 donuts away to the New York Police Department in New York City. That summer, Tyler and his family started in Mobile, Alabama; made their way through New Orleans, Louisiana; then went onto Ft. Myers and Naples in Florida; and worked their way up the East Coast, stopping at various cities, handing out thanks in the form of a sweet, doughy treat.

Tyler’s passion for thanking every cop in America comes from his family’s strong support and history with Law Enforcement. Mother, Sheena, said, “We’re a strong supporting family of Law Enforcement men and women. I’m a former Law Enforcement Officer myself, so I know personally what they go through every single day. So it’s really amazing to be able to watch Tyler make a difference. Something as simple as a difference as a donut, says Thank You.”

Tyler wants to become a Law Enforcement professional himself one day. He told us that he dreams of either SWAT team or K9 unit, between the two, he can’t decide. But one thing is for sure, he is not looking forward to getting tasered during training!

Want to help Tyler’s cause? Follow his Facebook Page, I DONUT Need A Reason to Thank A Cop [] And if you’re looking to return the favor back to Tyler, his favorite donuts involve blueberry icing and raspberry drizzle

Tyler The Donut Boy Takes His Message To Steve Harvey:


*2% is based on net proceeds received after transactional processing costs and expenses are deducted from gross proceeds.

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