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Top Reasons Why Summer Is the Best Season To Go Hiking

Oct 17, 2022
Top Reasons Why Summer Is the Best Season To Go Hiking

Hiking is a fun, exciting, and healthy activity for people of all ages. Of course, you can go for hikes year-round, but we’d like to argue that summer is the best season for it. There’s nothing quite like spending a nice summer day hiking in the mountains. Here are the top reasons why summer is the best season to go hiking.

Nice Warm Weather

The first reason summer is the best season for hiking is the nice warm weather. Going for a hike allows you to enjoy the wonders of the great outdoors, and it’s easiest to do that when the weather is good. It can be challenging to hike in freezing cold temperatures with snow and ice on the ground. In the summer, hiking conditions are nearly perfect, setting you up for a relaxing and enjoyable time.

Longer Daylight Hours

Longer daylight hours are another reason you should go hiking during the summer season. The sun sets earlier in the fall and winter, causing days to feel shorter. However, the sun sets significantly later in the summertime, leaving more time to enjoy activities outside in the evenings. You can hike into the evening hours and still enjoy some hours of sunlight.

Beautiful Vibrant Scenery

The beautiful, vibrant scenery is also a top reason why summer is great for hiking. Summertime is when all the plants, trees, and flowers are in bloom and showing off their true colors, so you can truly enjoy the richness and vibrancy of nature when hiking in the summer. Imagine yourself climbing a picturesque mountain path on a lovely day in June when all the trees are full of singing birds, the flowers are bright and in full bloom, and the grass is a vivid green and full of colorful wildflowers. You can’t beat that!

Now that you know the top reasons why summer is the best season to go hiking, you can plan your next hike today! Make sure to pack all the necessary items for your trip, including a comfortable pair of tactical hiking boots and some sunscreen to stay protected on the bright summer days.

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