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Top Hiking Trails To Tackle This Fall

Sep 04, 2020

With the start of the autumn season, the landscape in many parts of the country is once again transforming as leaves change into rich red, orange, and yellow hues. You may want to witness this beauty firsthand and take advantage of the pleasantly cool temperatures that prevail during this time of the year. If so, hiking is the perfect activity to pursue. Although COVID-19 has restricted our travel, many trails have reopened with social distancing measures in place. Should you still feel unsafe, you can also plan for future autumn hiking trips as well. Here are a handful of the top hiking trails to tackle this fall or when things have returned more to a state of normalcy.

Sentinel Dome Trail (California)

Located within Yosemite National Park, the Sentinel Dome Trail lets you see miles of breathtaking rock formations and the valleys that lie between them. This is because the trail is high up in elevation, so the surrounding El Capitan, Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Valley, and High Sierra mountains are visible as you look around you. In terms of vegetation, you’ll get to witness a combination of fall-colored trees and evergreens. The tree for which the trail is best known, though, is the fallen Jeffrey pine, which is completely bare of any foliage at all.

The Appalachian Trail (Tennessee)

For a full-scale autumn experience, the Tennessee portion of the Appalachian Trail is a destination you’ll want to visit. There, the leaves become a striking red, with accompanying oranges and yellows as well. You’ll get fantastic views of the valleys and waterfalls in the area as you make your way around the Great Smoky Mountains amid this simultaneously fiery yet crisp atmosphere. Due to the large scale of the trail (the Appalachian Trail as a whole spans several states), many people enjoy taking multi-day hikes there and camping during the evenings.

Wildwood Trail (Oregon)

You may want to go to Wildwood Trail if you want a picturesque and less rigorous hike. The area is quite close to the city of Portland, and you’re welcome to bring your dog with you as long as you use a leash. Visitors have the option of hiking or running the trail because of its even pathways. A notable attraction you should make sure to see is the Stone House, an old rest station built back in 1929. The structure was damaged over time, and the city of Portland decided not to repair it. Today, the Stone House is an odd combination of moss-covered stone and graffiti that stands out among the trees.

As part of your preparations for these top hiking trails to tackle in the fall, you should gather the proper supplies. For hardy outdoor boots that will keep you dry and comfortable on the trails, visit ALTAI™ online today.

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