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Top Features to Consider When Choosing Tactical Footwear

May 19, 2023
Top Features for Tactical Footwear

You’ve probably heard the term “tactical boots” before, but what exactly makes these boots so specialized? Tactical footwear are specially equipped boots that are made to provide you with the support, protection and comfort needed while engaging in physically demanding activities. Whether you are in law enforcement or an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, it’s essential to have a pair of tactical boots that you can rely on. 

One of the top benefits of tactical footwear is durability because they can handle the toughest of circumstances, no matter what you plan on using them for. There are several different types of tactical boots available on the market today and each type has its own benefits depending on what you are looking for. This is why it’s so important to choose the best fit tactical shoes because of the impact they have on your overall performance.  Here are some of the top features that you should consider when choosing your next pair of tactical shoes. 

Lightweight & Flexible 

Tactical footwear is designed for people who are constantly on the move and need to move quickly without any holdback. A good tactical boot has a firm but flexible sole that can not only handle rough terrain, but also has the flexibility to support maximum range of movement. This is why the material of the boot is especially important to consider, and why you want to look for a specialized fabric that provides you with the best mobility and flexibility. So whether you are planning on using these boots out in the field or going on your next camping trip, they should be lightweight enough in order to  keep up!  For example, our boots are made with our very own SuperFabric® material that is not only scuff resistant, but also incredibly lightweight and flexible!


One of the more critical factors to consider when buying tactical boots is to ensure that they have waterproof functionality, especially when dealing with extreme weather hazards. It’s important to have waterproof tactical boots that will keep your feet dry and comfortable in wet or muddy conditions. There are many boots that claim to be waterproof but when it comes to tactical shoes, basic waterproof functionality just won’t cut it! If your feet are not well protected in wet environments, it can result in blisters, foot injuries or even worse. This is why it’s important that the material of your boot is made with a fabric that is water resistant so that water molecules aren’t large enough to penetrate the fabric.

Another key component of a good waterproof boot is to make sure that there’s sufficient traction. The soles of the boots should be made from a material that is specially designed to provide grip and prevent you from slipping. Altai® boots are made with a material called Vibram® which is slip resistant and will provide you with superior performance, no matter how harsh the conditions are! 

Breathable & Comfortable

When it comes to tactical boots, it’s an added bonus when the material of the boot is breathable so that your feet remain properly ventilated. If you plan on participating in activities in hot weather conditions, your feet can sweat and lead to moisture buildup inside of the shoe. A breathable tactical shoe regulates the temperature inside of the boot and keeps your feet from overheating while also preventing heat loss in colder conditions so that your feet are comfortable all day long. Breathability and comfort are great features for anyone who needs tactical shoes that are functional for either work or outdoor activities!

Now that you know the top features of what makes a boot “tactical”,  it’s important to decide what features matter the most depending on what you’re looking for and/or need. Whether you need enhanced flexibility so you can move quickly under pressure, waterproof functionality or proper airflow to keep you cool and comfortable, Altai Gear has you covered! At Altai®, we know what it takes to craft the best tactical shoes for men and women no matter what activity you plan on doing! Shop our entire collection of tactical footwear and let us help you find your perfect fit today!

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