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Tips for Staying Warm While Hiking

Nov 12, 2020

Going hiking in the cold is appealing for some because of the changing scenery in many regions. However, it also comes with its own unique set of challenges. Your primary concern becomes staying warm while you are outside, which requires you to take multiple preemptive measures to avoid injuries or sicknesses that the unforgiving conditions can cause. Following these tips for staying warm while hiking should keep you safe.

Bring Food and Hot Drinks

Food and drinks are essential supplies on any hike, but in the cold, they become even more important. The reason for this is that eating causes your body’s activity to heighten naturally as it works to digest the food. The byproduct of your metabolism is heat, which will then make you feel warmer. Carry food items that are easy to take out and consume on the go, as stopping for every snack or meal can also make you feel colder. Hot drinks in insulated bottles will also aid you in fending off the freezing air.

Layer Up Your Clothes

Layering usually comes into the discussion when talking about hiking. Again, this becomes highly critical when you’re concerned about finding tips for staying warm while hiking. You need to have an outer shell jacket and pants that will block wind and moisture. Underneath this, you should wear an insulating mid-layer that traps heat. Against your skin, go for moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics or wool. Wetness can come both from the outside and from your own body, and staying wet for a long time will make you feel especially uncomfortable when temperatures are low.

Protect Your Extremities

Don’t forget to protect your extremities as well. You want to stop frostbite before it has a chance to set in. Seek to cover up any exposed skin with additional gear that you wouldn’t normally have with you while hiking. To start with, you should put on a warm winter hat that covers the top of your head and ears. For the lower portion of your head and your neck, wear a neck gaiter. On your hands, it’s smart to layer insulating fleece gloves under shell gloves that block out moisture. Guarding your feet is a matter of combining thick wool or synthetic socks with waterproof boots. Make sure the extra sock thickness isn’t cutting off circulation to your feet, as this is dangerous in the cold, and bring back up socks just in case your primary ones get wet.

You can get military-grade boots that have rugged durability, high traction, comfort, and waterproof materials for your next cold-weather hike at ALTAI™. Don’t hesitate to call us today!

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