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Tips for Choosing a Hiking Trail

Oct 13, 2020

Hiking is an activity that allows you to exercise while immersing yourself in remarkable natural landscapes. Much of your experience on each hiking trip that you take is determined by the particular trail you choose. With so many options frequently available across the country and even within the same location, however, you may not know how to best decide on which path to take. Take our tips for choosing a hiking trail as a trusty framework to work off of when you find yourself in this situation.

Consider Your Experience

Trails can vary widely in terms of difficulty, and attempting one that is too challenging can potentially make your excursion more painful than enjoyable. You want a good trail for you—not an overly intimidating trial that you aren’t prepared for. Given this, you should think about how experienced everyone in your group is. Don’t settle on a hike where you expect to meet steep inclines, narrow passages next to sheer drops, and areas that you can only proceed through by climbing if there is a person with you who is new to hiking. The same goes for yourself. It is smarter to slowly build up to harder trails than to tackle them immediately when you’re a novice.

Decide on Your Preferred Duration

The duration of a trail also factors into how you will feel as you walk along it. Of course, a lengthier trail will take more time and tire you out to a greater degree than a shorter one. You must also account for the presence of sloped ground, as this will slow you down as you trek upwards. Ask yourself how much time you want to put into your hiking and pick a trail accordingly. Also, you should remember that a longer hike will necessitate you to bring more supplies, such as food and water. You can find light paths that only take an hour and also more involved ones that you may spend the entire day on, so regardless of your preference, you should be able to find a suitable track to take.

Think About the Seasons

Seasons have to potential to deeply affect you while you are out. Thus, another tip for choosing a hiking trail is to think about the time of year, the climate at that trail, and the weather. The seasons will change how many layers you must wear to stay comfortable. In the cold, you may need a base, mid-, and outer layer, while when it is hot, you may just wear one. However, bright, warm days will mean that you must put on sunblock and cover up your extremities to avoid sunburn. If you are hiking during a rainy season, you must also pack a breathable rain jacket and wear waterproof boots.

No matter what kind of trails you choose, come to your hiking trips prepared by getting tactical performance boots from ALTAI™. Our hiking boots are comfortable, waterproof, resistant to abrasion, and provide you with ample traction in all conditions.

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